Network audio player?
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One of my Soundbridges died. What's a decent network audio player to replace it with?

I run a DAAP server feeding two elderly Roku SoundBridges. One of these just failed, and rather than replace it with hardware that's been out of production for several years, I thought I should replace it with something more current.

Can be wired (preferred) or wireless. Don't need video support (so does need a track display). Must must must be able to run from a backend on a tiny SheevaPlug linux server, so no Windows/Mac proprietary DBs, thanks.
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Are you aware that the power adapter frequently fails on them? This means of course that the Soundbridge itself may be fine. You can use, I believe, a Roku video player power adapter as a replacement. I had to do this about six months ago and it has been fine since.
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Yes, I've metered the PSU, and it's still giving out its rated power.
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A few years back I replaced my SoundBridge with a Squeezebox and have been very pleased - the sound quality is fantastic and the interface is good. It doesn't look like that particular model is made any more now that Logitech owns the company, but the Squeezebox Touch gets good reviews.

From a quick search, it looks like the server software will run on your hardware.
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Dammit! It was the power supply after all! After reading this forum, I rechecked the output, and it was only 5.2V open circuit. Swapping in the PSU from a forgotten piece of Linksys kit fixed it.
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