How can I fix my network connection?
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I can't connect my computer to my router or modem.

Windows is telling me that I have limited or no connectivity (due to lack of network address) when I connect my computer in any of these sequences: PC>Router, PC>Modem, or PC>Router>Modem. Neither the router nor the modem acknowledge that there is a connection between them and the computer. I tried using two different cords. The Windows hardware manager doesn't show any problems with my network card. I tried unplugging and resetting the router and the modem, and I tried resetting my computer. The connection is set to Enabled in Windows.

The connection between the router and the modem is acknowledged and the wireless capabilities of my router are still working (explaining this post's appearance on Ask).

The equipment:
Modem - RCA DCM305
Router - Motorola WR350G
Network Card - Realtek RTL8139/810X
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if you do an IPCONFIG
and your IP is something you don't recognize--
try this firstL
if that doesn't fix it try a new network card
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have you tried ipconfig /renew after connecting everything up?
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phredhead: The program did not fix it, I guess I'll have to try a new card if nobody else has an idea.

andrew cooke: Cannot contact DHCP server, request timed out.
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hopefully a new NIC will do the trick.
s/b around $20 at your nearest computer superstore.
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apply all patches and find the latest driver from the manufacturer's site?
did you look in the system logs to see if there was an error at startup?
nothing very original - sorry.
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In this thread, the problem was a broken router port. I recently had the port on the iMac go bad as well. Try borrowing someone else's router and cable modem to test for broken hardware.
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Few things you might want to try:

When you plug the ethernet cable into your NIC, do you see a light on the card indicating that a physical connection has been made?

At a command line, are you able to ping
1) Start -> Run -> "cmd"
2) At the prompt, type - ping

Are you able to get the laptop to connect via the wired network with wireless disabled?
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I have had exact same problem yesterday after I came back from two week vacation.

After hours of trying and having the technician coming out... The problem was solved.

I have had exact same problem with yours... my computer says everything is o.k. except no or limited connection .. etc..etc..

problem is in network card ports... apparently while I was gone, there were horrid thunder storms and lightings in the area. The cable tech tells me similar thing was happening to a lot of people around the neighborhood. Even though all the lights except the pc/activity connection is all functional and on... and the cable company can remote reset my modem.. the ports coming out of it is fried. Same thing with my router (the port coming in from modem is fried.). Same thing with my desktop built in LAN port (fried). Luckly my laptop which was physically unplugged is fine. (the wireless works with my router fine) (no internet connection because obviously my router's IN port is fried)

Solution cable company had to change the modem. I had to get a new LAN card for my desktop. (my built in LAN port is useless now) I had to call Belkin for a replacement router.

From looking at all the lights... everything seems fine but as I said it is the ports it self that are shorted.

I have been a long time computer user and never thought spikes or lighting will hurt my systems since I am usually well protected with UPS and other gadgets... But LAN connection comes from my cable modem. And cables are more suceptable to lighting strikes (i guess according to the tech.)

So go ahead do as i did .. call cable company, change router and lan card
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