How do I block everything on facebook EXCEPT events and private messages?
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What's the simplest way to get rid of everything on Facebook except for events and private messages?

- It doesn't matter if my photos, timeline, etc. are still there. I just don't want them visible to me.

- My profile has the new Timeline thing.

- I could write my own greasemonkey script, but I'm hoping someone else has already done the work for me.
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Best answer: Social Fixer - I bet it can do you like or pretty close.
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Best answer: Skip to #5 on Wired's article "How to Master Facebook Timeline in 5 Quick Minutes", which shows you how to limit updates to what you wish to see (broken into the categories Life Events, Status Updates, Photos, Games, Comments and Likes, Music and Videos, and Other Activity)
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Response by poster: Social Fixer did it. For anyone else who's trying to do this:
  • To install social fixer on Snow Leopard, you need to:
    • rename the file to .zip
    • extract it
    • go to Chrome > Extensions
    • "Load Unpacked Extension..."
    • select the folder that you unzipped.

  • Within Social Fixer, add this bit of custom CSS:

    #contentCol.homeFixedLayout { display: none; }
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