I'll Give You Money to Give Me Motivation
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Is there an online service that helps you stay motivated by charging you money if you fail to perform a verifiable action?

Let's say I want to wake up every day at 5 a.m. Can I give someone $50 that they'll hold for me, and if I don't click a button on their Web site every day before 5 a.m., they deduct five bucks from my account?
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You might be able to finagle something like this on StickK.
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stickK does this (disclaimer-- was founded by a friend). However, I believe it relies on using a third party referee. I suppose you could set up a dedicated Twitter account to log your waking time and your friend could use that as verification.
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Beeminder does exactly this: "Beeminder plots your progress along a path to your goal and takes your money if you go off track."

(same disclosure as acidic. probably a different friend, though)
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Just make sure the $5 is a sufficient negative deterrent. Otherwise, you'll sleep contentedly, with your former guilt assuaged by paying the $5 "fee".
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Response by poster: Beeminder seems cool, but doesn't seem to have a time requirement (i.e. report by this time, or else). Or am I missing something?
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Oh, yeah. I think it would require you being honest about your wakeup time after the fact.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I want the "press this button right now or we shoot this puppy" kind of thing. Kind of like a dead man's switch that I have to shut off at specified intervals.
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GymPact does this for your fitness related goals.

I don't have friends who work for them.
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I'd be surprised if a predetermined negative deterrent worked as well as positive reinforcement through random reward.

1. Select a prize or prizes.
2. Each day, you have a small random chance of winning a prize.
3. As long as you exhibit Desired Behaviour X, you're in the running. Up at 5am? Spin that wheel!
4. No Desired Behaviour X? No chance to spin the wheel.
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