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I need to back up my LiveJournal account offline (preferably including comments) and then empty it without actually deleting the account.

There's a number of utilities to create an offline copy of one's LiveJournal, but what's the best one? Do any of them grab the comments as well as the entries? I was thinking of getting the thing printed and bound, so are there any that output in an particular template that's aesthetically pleasing? Last time I tried to use a program like this was in 2003 (I think it was ljdump) and it was ugly.

Also, how does one delete the contents of an account (preferably within a date range) without deleting the account itself? There used to be third-party programs for stuff like this, but I'm long out of the loop. Failing that, is there a program that will either set everything (again, preferably within a date range) to private or a friends-only group of just me? I have an old-ass Basic account and I'd rather not upgrade to ad-supported/pay, but I will if I have to.
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Dreamwidth will import entries + comments from Livejournal, though it's still an online copy.
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Best answer: I have used LJBook before with success.

I have no experience with it, but there's also ljArchive.
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I Used ljarchive for backing up and wrote an autohotkey script to delete all posts. I could not find another way to get rid of the posts without deleting the account.
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Best answer: Livejournal FAQ on changing the security of past entries with a paid account, for your reference.
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ljarchive wasn't downloading comments last time I tried to use it.
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Response by poster: I have used LJBook before with success.

Did you have to do anything particular to get it to work? It seems to be exactly what I need, but it keeps erroring out.
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Not that I remember, it's been a few months. (Was trying to save posts of a community member who's account was about to be purged)

I do remember the first time I gave it a shot, my browser didn't like it. Maybe try a different one and see if you're still having trouble?
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Oop, but there is this: Make sure your journal has been converted to UTF8.

it's right above the create button. Even includes a link to do that.
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Response by poster: Yeah, that was it. I thought I had converted it but apparently not? Thanks.
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LJBook as I recall doesn't include custom friend setting, though. Not sure why. It's definitely the closest, thing currently on market though, and might suit.
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Response by poster: Well, LJBook apparently doesn't like the encoding of my journal any way I change it, as I can archive the first 57 pages but that's it.
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