Looking for Christopher Hitchens audio files (debates, interviews, etc)
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Looking for Christopher Hitchens audio files (debates, interviews, etc)

A friend of mine recently introduced me to Christopher Hitchens. I am going to buy some of his books soon, but I am looking to listen to as many of his debates as possible. I would like to be able to listen to them in mp3 format so I can transfer them to my iPod.

And suggestions as to where I can go to get/download as many Christopher Hitches debates (or interviews) as possible?
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On Point
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Looks like those two search links miss a few items like CSPAN Q & A's he did. Anyway, you can find them with a search on the site for his name.
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Hitchens on Bloggingheads:

with Eric Alterman
with Robert Wright (1)
with Robert Wright (2)
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If you are converting videos to mp3s his discourse on the Ten Commandments is worth a listen.
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One of my favorites is where he's taking a lot of questions from the folks at the AAI conference from 2007.

He also narrates the spoken word version of his memoir, Hitch-22.
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