Bulk Batteries??
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Can anyone recommend a good source to purchase batteries in bulk?

I don't need to get too many but enough to have spares around. Specifically 'D' size.

Thank you.
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I recently saw advertised,
"MAXELL AAA Heavy Duty Batteries 40pk for $6.99"

I have an URL if you want to email me I can send it to you.

I am assuming an email address is allowed here, if not, I'm sorry.

I am not "pimping" just trying to share info.

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try Thomas-distributing.com.
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Walmart, Sam's Club, Costco?
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I get mine at Costco. Duracell AA and AAA (for electronic devices) mostly.
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From Robot Wisdom the other day: 40 AAA batteries for $7 shipped (Buy.com-DealNews)
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Check dealnews.com; they recently had several deals on large (48 ct. or more) packages of batteries.
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Not to stray too far off-topic, but have you considered rechargeables? After the initial investment in a charger and a few sets, it's really very handy. We have a bunch of AA and AAA's, and it makes life a lot easier to just pop them in the charger for a few hours instead of slogging sometwhere to buy them.
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Specifically 'D' size.

So never mind the '40 AAs' deals. What I've seen in Costco and Sam's is not real cheap in D-size.

Thomas distibuting says there are "No products" on their site in the non-rechargeable alkaline category. A pair of NiMh D-cells costs $32, and then you've got to get a charger. Not a 'bulk' answer, I guess.

ZBatteries.com says you can get 100 Sony alkalines for $78.
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I've had great success with batteryspace.com.
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Go to your local Batteries Plus and ask for a brick or two of ProCells. They're Duracells re-branded for industrial purposes, and you can buy them for 40-50 cents per cell.
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