What are the best reputable sources to learn more about internet marketing?
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Though I've been working with web development since the 90's, I have a hands-on knowledge gap when it comes to internet marketing techniques like SEO, Adwords, analytics and the like. What are the best sources, free or paid, to learn more? I've been looking around for good resources, but it looks like this field is dominated by crooks. Any recommendations of books and sites written by reputable professionals is appreciated. I'm also a big fan of video lectures, if you know of any.
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You can start with google's webmaster tools.
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Google also has a program called "engage" which aims to help webmasters learn how to use adwords and sell it to their clients - http://www.google.com/ads/engage2011/engage-general/

Also, I've always enjoyed Matt Cutts' blog, he's a google employee and offers a lot of "insider" advice on SEO - http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/type/googleseo/
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SEO related video courses. It's relatively cheap.
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