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I am getting a tattoo of two birds on my back to cover up some old tattoos that I no longer like. I am looking for bird species inspiration. Ideally these will be some sort of plumed birds, but please link me/give me a species name of any birds that you find to be particularly beautiful. Thanks!
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Forgot to say: these need to be birds that are darker in color or have large patches of dark color, to facilitate the cover-up process. :)
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I'm a fan of the tawny frogmouth, myself.
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I love them things.
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Quetzal birds have long plumes
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Hoopoe. Duh.
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...and if not the quetzal, one of the other trogons.
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I think hoatzins are simply the cooooolest; they got bitchin' head-crests, and blue faces, and claws on their wings when they're young, and giant crops, and hey don't they look like they'd be fun to cuddle?
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Rainbow lorikeet. Ridonculous!
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Birds! I love birds!

OK, in no order (some plumed, some not as much).

Indigo Buntings
Sandhill Cranes
Glossy Ibis
Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Pileated Woodpecker
Swallow Tailed Kite
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the lyrebird is just beautiful.
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also birds of paradise.
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Ideally these will be some sort of plumed birds

By"plumed," do you mean having long tail feathers?

Scissor-tailed flycatcher
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Secretary Birds! Secretary birds are awesome. They stomp through the grass to chase out prey, then either swallow them whole, or chase them and stomp 'em to death for larger prey. They're also amazingly beautiful.
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The mockingbird is bad ass. Loads of personality, beautiful song, and IMHO one of the prettiest common birds. They can be stylized to offer more plumage, I guess, but they are dark enough (in spots) to provide coverage.
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I thought of a phoenix, since this new tattoo is rising from the (metaphorical) ashes of old ones.
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Moorhens are graphically very strong, I think, and have a lot of black.
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Victoria-crowned pigeons are just beautiful.
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Resplendent quetzal! Because how awesome is it when your name actually includes "resplendent"? You'd be resplendent all the time. I mean, I just rolled out of bed: resplendent. Hungover? Still resplendent. Tucked your slip into your skirt? Free pass: still resplendent. Awesome.
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How about a bird that is extinct ? For example one from Hawai'i (accounts for 30%).
The Kioea (means stand tall) and artwork. Or the Ō'ō.
Maybe the New Zealand Huia ?
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The Lyrebird. You have to see them in action to really appreciate them Video 1 and Video 2

Dark coloured birds, with pretty lacey tails that are amazing mimics.

I am also a fan of emus, because I think they are all completely insane though I don't know if they'd make a good tattoo.
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You guys are amazing! There are so many great suggestions here that I'm a little overwhelmed by possibilities! At the very least, I have a lot of ideas for things to paint now. :)

Please keep them coming. I love Metafilter.
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I love the Superb Fairy Wren
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I think the works of John James Audubon would translate really well to skin in the hands of a skilled tattoo artist. You might enjoy flipping/scrolling through 'em and seeing what grabs you. Google image search gives you the best one-glance sense of what JJA has to offer, but you can also view his stuff in its entirety on paper or online.
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I third the people who said Resplendent Quetzal, mainly because I have a giant tattoo of one! Pics here.

And to expand on what richyoung said, definitely look at old ornithological prints, not just Audubon, because they're usually a)beautiful and b)stylized in a way that comes out looking really delicate and awesome in tattoo work. Mine was based on this lithograph from John Gould's guide to Trogons from the second half of the 19th century.

(Disclaimer: I am a TOTAL bird-nerd and art-nerd and especially ornithological art nerd. And I lived in Costa Rica, hence my being partial to the quetzals.)
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The swallow is an oldschool sailor tattoo icon.
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I love the hoatzin sooooo much, but I was just reading about it on wikipedia and it's nicknamed the "stink bird". Because it smells like manure.

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