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How can I get streaming to my chumby from my (ubuntu linux) laptop?

I do have zurk's offline firmware on each of the chumbies. They can receive by default a squeezebox stream, among other things, which I'm not familiar enough with to list.

I've come across a couple of references to Rhythmbox being able to control Logitech Media Server (squeezebox) but can't seem to make it work. It sees it and can play what's coming off the squeezebox stream, but I can't work out how to control the stream and send the stream out to the chumby.

If I had an actual squeezebox, I could register it on their site and then use their app (if I'm understanding it correctly). But I don't; I have chumbies. And I can't find a way to register a chumby as a device they'll accept.

Is there something that I can put on a linux box, that can receive, and can then pass it along in a stream to the chumby?

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The way I did it was to have Winamp (and I'm afraid this is windows based but it might help) run the shoutcast plugin that allowed it to broadcast anything being played on the machine and then have winamp connect to

The chumby will happily connect to the shoutcast stream but you don't get any controls/front end just a radio type setup.

Hope this points you in the right direction.
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Great, thank you! I was directionless; this should help a lot :) ...I'll let you know how things proceed once my main computer finishes recovering from an insomnia-hacking-loss-of-most-of-the-operating-system incident.
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