Come hang out behind the dairy twist with me and look at cars...or at least help me find the ad...
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Looking for a 1999/2000 VW Jetta commercial where some dudes come up to a Jetta driver and ask him to join them to "look at cars" "behind the dairy twist".

My Google and YouTube searching abilities are failing me.

Description of the ad as I remember it:

A guy stops to get gas at night for his Jetta. Two rather sketchy looking guys come up and say with a German (?) accent something like "nice car" then proceed to say "On Wednesdays we hang out behind the dairy twist and look at cars. Maybe you should come?" Awkward pause as the driver realizes his wallet and car aren't going to be stolen. He then responds "Sure"

My husband and I quote this ad all the time, and I want to show it to some European co-workers, but cannot find it anywhere. From what I could find on message boards, it looks to be around the 1999/2000 time-frame, but could be a little earlier. A little help?
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from other forum postings it looks to be a 2003 commercial for a VW Jetta Wolfsburg.

Now finding a copy of the commercial is a bit harder. I'll keep looking...
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What may help in searching is that (I'm pretty sure) those commercials went along with the campaign where they destroyed other cars that weren't good enough to compare to the VW. One of the actors who played in that line of commercials was Peter Stormare.
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