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What kind of doctor do I need to see about this errmm.... thing... on my butt?

I have what I THINK is just a skin tag on my anus.

I first noticed it about six months ago when wiping after using the bathroom. I'm pretty sure it's NOT a hemorrhoid. It doesn't hurt -- but it doesn't feel comfortable when I touch it.

[Which seems like the obvious 'just don't touch it' but my partner and I have taken up an interest in anal sex in which I'm the receiver.]

It doesn't bleed. It doesn't seem to be getting bigger. I don't really feel like asking my partner to get all up in there and inspect, etc. and I mean obviously I can't see it?

I would really like it to go away however that is possible. But I'm not sure what sort of doctor to see about this or what to say when making the appointment.

Someone please advise :(
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If you're a lady, ask your gyno to take a look.
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I don't really feel like asking my partner to get all up in there and inspect, etc.

This is just my opinion, and I understand that it's uncomfortable for you, but if your partner can get all up in there for sexytimes, your partner can get all up in there to take a quick look-see to make sure that, yeah, it's just a skin tag, or hmm, this thing is funny colored.
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Look up "sentinel pile". And yes, if you're a woman, your gyno can help steer you in the right direction with this.
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If you have a hand mirror, you could check it with that! It's probably the least-conspicuous thing to pick up on a grocery store trip, too.

I imagine, though, that your regular doctor would take a looksie at your bum for you!
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I mean obviously I can't see it?

Erm...could you use a mirror? It could be a sentinel pile, but those often emerge as an anal fissure is healing - and believe me, if you had an anal fissure, you'd know it.
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use a camera phone to video it or take a picture.
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Your regular GP can certainly check it out for you and refer you to a specialist, if need be.
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I would definitely ask your partner - I've asked mine to do so when I wasn't sure what was going on down there! Or try a mirror. But yeah, go see your gyn, she can help you.
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You don't mention what health care system you are a part of, but this is a perfect reason to show up at to your primary care physician, or find yourself a primary care physician.
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Start with your PCP/GP or if female your Gyn. They'll refer you to the appropriate specialist. I get what people are saying about having your partner looking at it, but unless he/she is a doctor what good would that really do?
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I had a skin tag removed by my Derm and it was... Let's say "in the valley." Not as proximate as yours, but to the point where I had to pull a cheek to the side. They could not have been more blasé about it. Removal was a quick slice, though it did start bleeding again later. Nothing a was of uncomfortable tissue couldn't cope with.

I vote dermatologist. You can ask when you make the appointment if that's a location they think is more appropriate to a proctologist but I suspect they'll be the best first stop unless you decide it's impacting functionality rather than just a skin tag.
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I'm not gonna share details as to how I know to ask this , but could it possibly be a blackhead?
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Or a wart?
Definitely get it taken care of quickly, in case it's something you could infect your partner with.
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Doctors deal with stuff like this all the time. No matter what it is, your doctor has almost certainly seen it before.

Go to the doctor, get this figured out, and do something stress reducing and run afterward, like get a manicure or go jogging or get a big ice cream cone. You deserve it for taking care of something you didn't want to take care of and being proactive about your health.
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I'm sorry you got a sore down there. At best, they are frustrating!

Seriously though, a word about intimate relationships: You share bodies, you share germs. You also share responsibility for each other. This is the healthy and happy way. Know your partners bumps so you can notice if they change! The places a partner can't see are the places you are required to look. Even that place.
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