Oh, balls.
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Is there anywhere in New York City that sells Truck Nuts? I need them sooner than they can be shipped.
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According to their website, they have a retailer in Brooklyn, but that looks like an apartment address to me. (And here are their listings for New Jersey and Connecticut.)
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You do NOT need truck nuts. They are ugly and silly.

But, if you in fact have a TruckNutz emergency, then here is where you can buy them in New York.
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Best answer: There appears to be a Spencer's Gifts at 691 Broadway, and they'd be likely to stock them. Might want to call ahead first though.
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I've seen them at most truck stops and those hunting/outdoor stores that cater to the back woods kind of people, if that helps.
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Response by poster: note: I would not be keeping the Truck Nutz
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