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If I like this, what else might I like? I recently discovered Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur, and am particularly enamored of this track, titled "Garden."

Reasons I like it:
-Downtempo, yet still upbeat
-Smooth, not loud
-Interesting vocalists
-Clubby, but in a very grown-up sort of way

What other tracks/artists might I also like? I'm aware of Royksopp and The Postal Service, which are the closest things in my library, but anything else would likely be new to me.
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of Montreal? "False Priest" might be my favorite album of theirs, and is probably the closest to this kind of sound.

I wouldn't say I listen to a lot of this kind of music, but Phoenix and MGMT are my go-to dancey bands...not that down-tempo, though.
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How about Crystal Castles, Passion Pit, and the KitsuneĢ Maison mixes?
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Brazilian Girls
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Cut Copy, Dntel (Jimmy Tamborello, half of Postal Service), M83 (tends to be more sweeping than clubby, but you'll probably like some of his stuff), Lindstrom and Christabelle, Phantogram, The Sounds.
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Bonobo - fits all of those categories, maybe less so the clubby criterion
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the xx fits these criteria, imo.

phantogram is also great!
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