Tubular 80's Fruitsnack?
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What is the tubular 80's Fruit Snack haunting my dreams?

It would have been the late 80's. It was shaped like a tube, with one flavor of fruit roll up as the tube with another flavor filling up the inside. Very chewy...like a little smooth fruit roll up cigar. Mass produced, probably by the Fruit Roll Up people, but I can't find any trace of it with this little amount of information.

Any ideas?
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You're 100% sure you're not thinking of Gushers?
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I don't think they've been around any more than ten years, but what you're describing sounds very close to a kazoozle (that link also has some other decent leads).
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Are these the same as livewires candy?

Ah Greta Simone! I loved Bonkers. I hope that Wikipedia page is right and they are going to be available again.
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Kazoozles is how they looked, but they weren't a candy. They were a "fruit snack" that moms could feel ok about putting in lunch boxes. They don't exist anymore, that I know of. Thanks for the use of your brains, tho. I may never solve this mystery. I don't even know how to frame the question quite right.
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I think I might recall this - it was almost like fake licorice on the outside, fruit (well, froot) flavored, with a softer pasty but still gel-like inside? These people seem to think they might be called 'Tooty Fruits' which isn't ringing bells for me, although your description does.

Apparently there is a UK candy with the same name that is different, though, and it's an easily confounded search on that name because of misremembered spellings and song lyrics etc.
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The guys who made Fruit Roll-Ups also had a product called simply Fruit Bars, which were basically a solid stick of Fruit Roll-Up stuff. Not sure if they did a two-layer version like you describe.
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I remember exactly what you're talking about. Naturally I can't remember the name. It came out around the same time as 1-2-3 Jell-O, I think. It was an age of textural experimentation.

I am slogging through this list. No luck so far, but still pretty amusing.
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Tooty Fruits?

The description sounds right, but I couldn't find any images or hits over on Google. Maybe due to a spelling discrepancy.
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Oops. Sorry, cobaltnine, didn't register that you already said all that.
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Put me down as another vote for Tooty Fruits. I remember them exactly as you do and the commercial described in TheRedArmy's link above is exactly what I remember too.

I used to eat off the outer layer first and savor the gooier inside bit.
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They were called Two-T-Fruits.

There is pretty much no info on Google about them other than that Sunkist registered them as a trademark a while back (like, the 80s).

Sometimes the jingle gets stuck in my head, and that is why I remember them and the spelling. It is not on Youtube.
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Bless your heart Famous Monster...and thanks everyone for helping me get there. I cannot BELIEVE I can't find a picture of them online. But at least that particular brain worm is gone.
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