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My friend's birthday is coming up, and she loves white bread. What white bread related gifts can I give her?

My friend really likes white bread, like the plasticky Wonder Bread ( I know).

I bought her this book and want to give her something white bread- related to go with it. Ideas?

I'm planning to give it to her Tuesday, and was originally thinking of getting her a loaf of Wonder Bread, but now I'm thinking I want to do something more creative with the bread -- and peanut butter, jelly and other things to go with the bread. Something like bread in a jar, or maybe not that. I'd rather not bake or do something with the bread that changes its oh so fakeness
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Toasted Coasters from Urban Outfitters.
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Response by poster: thanks, but I'm looking for creative things to do with actual white bread.
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A loaf of wonderbread wrapped up in this wonder bread belt! Maybe with some super fake marshmallow fluff and peanut butter.
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If you want to make white bread even more fake, you could make her a batch of fairy bread, a traditional Australian birthday treat. It's pretty terrible, but my kids loved it.
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go in with some friends on a panini maker maybe? White bread is yummy all smashed up and grilled.
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Response by poster: It would be fun to get a panini maker, but my non food gift is the book. I want the supplements to the book to be food. Not food related things, just some creative way to present the white bread, or something fun to do with it.
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Wonder Bread T-shirt
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Response by poster: Maybe I messed up this question with the term "white bread- related." I am looking for a creative way to present slices of white bread. To go with the book I bought.
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I have seen white bread rolled out with a rolling pin until it's flat like a tortilla. Then spread it with a filling like cream cheese and shaved ham or whatever and roll it up. Then slice it into pinwheels. Tasty in a Fakey WonderBread sort of way.
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Do you want clever ideas of things to do with white bread to present - like a plate of sandwiches; or stuff that goes well with white bread?
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If you want to stay with the white theme, you could get her a jar of marshmallow fluff. Cream cheese, white sprinkles, vanilla ice cream, "mozzerella" cheese singles, sugar cubes?
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Use a toast stamp (or several) and make lots of toast?
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Best answer: Cut them into shapes with cookie cutters? Optional - decorate with either icing (not if you expect her to eat them tho) or, better, top with any "tea sandwich" filling. All tea sandwiches are meant to be made on thin white bread after all.
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Make a sandwich and put it in a Wonder Bread sandwich box?
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Response by poster: Do you want clever ideas of things to do with white bread to present - like a plate of sandwiches; or stuff that goes well with white bread?

Both of these would be good, and also something fun to do with the presentation. Like I was thinking of mushing some into a jar or layering peanut butter and jelly with the bread in a jar, but I wonder (ha) if that's silly and there's something better.
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Best answer: PB&J "layer cake." Just get a big square cake pan and put down a single slice layer of bread, then a layer of peanut butter, then more bread, then jelly, then repeat until you have a thick, sliceable "cake" that you can turn out onto a plate. Cover with peanut butter frosting and garnish with strawberries and/or blackberries and/or raspberries.
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Uncrustables. Homemade or store bought.
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Best answer: Maybe you can roll up sandwiches into pinwheels and put them in a vase or a mason jar to look like flowers.
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Best answer: I'm envisioning the equivalent of a gourmet gift basket - except with white bread, maybe a jar of skippy peanut butter and welch's grape jelly. You could even add a can of orange soda, bottle of apple juice or something similarly low on the fancy food meter. Wrap it all up to look like something fancy and gourmet, but instead it's just simple (still delicious) food inside.
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Best answer: Cake pops are made by mashing up a baked cake with frosting, rolling into balls, sticking a thin wooden dowel in each ball, then covering the balls with icing or other toppings. I see no reason that you couldn't do the same, substituting Wonder Bread (crusts removed) for the cake, and peanut butter and/or jelly for the frosting.

I tried to find evidence of someone having done this in the past on the internet and came up empty handed, so if you do try it, please report back!
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I dunno if you do this in the states but fairy bread or tomato sauce (think ketchup) sandwiches are absolutely the pinnacle of white bread usage. And fairy bread looks better.
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Best answer: Like contraption said, but with nutella and some raspberry jam.

Or nutella and marshmallow fluff sandwiches?

Or if you want something delicious but where the white bread is more hidden, theses Brown Butter Bettys look good.
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Best answer: Make a dobos torte with white bread instead of sponge cake. Use sweet sandwichey fillings instead of the usual fancy caramel slices and crushed nuts and whatnot.
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Best answer: Good heavens. The Wonder Bread people have a recipe for Crepes Suzette that starts by rolling out your slices and buttering them.

And the croustades that start by making little Wonder Bread "pastry" shells blow my mind.

I'm sorry, I was trying to be helpful but then I fell down this culinary rabbit hole and had to share.
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For something on-food based, how about sliced bread notebooks?
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Best answer: Yeah, fairy bread is awesome, and all kinds of fancy "tea sandwiches" look good too: pinwheels, those triple decker ones you cut into little fingers, small sandwiches cut into shapes with cookie or those tiny cutters for making horses doovers.

If you were thinking of including fun white bread accessories, there are great cutters to make a sandwich jigsaw puzzle, and cutters to make your sandwich Japanese style, crustless, and kind of crimped on the edge.

I love the PB&J cake, I think I'll do something like it for my kids!
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Fairy bread is awesome, I'll not hear a word spoken against it! And could there be any better way to enhance white bread's fakeness than to spread it with butter and multi-coloured confectionery? :) Just make sure the sprinkles you use are the tiny round ones, not that much bigger than poppy seeds. I never saw any smaller than sesame-seed-sorta-sized ones when I was in Canada (not sure about the US, but I'm assuming you share a lot of products or product types at least), and that much crunch wouldn't make for good fairy bread I don't think.
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The best use for white bread is grilled cheese sandwiches made with Kraft singles and served with a steaming bowl of Campbell's tomato soup.
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Encase a slice of white bread in resin? It will last forever. Here are some instructions.
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Response by poster: whoa DaveZ, that is an awesome idea.
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