Peppers in Sauce?
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I remember having sliced green peppers soaking in a mysterious thin dark sauce at a Mexican/Latin American restaurant. They served it like a condiment/topping. The placed closed years ago and I have no idea what this was called. Any ideas? recipes?
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Thin and dark puts me in mind of a mole.
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Mole was my 1st thought as well.
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Bell peppers or jalapenos? Sounds more like pickled jalapenos to me. I'm not sure I've seen mole as a table condiment.
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Best answer: Yeah sounds like jalapenos in vinegar. Most taquerias in San Francisco's Mission District have some variant of this on the condiment tray.
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Maybe lizano?
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Response by poster: pretty sure it was jalapeno, there was definitely more to the sauce than vinegar but that recipe looks like a good place to start
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What you are talking about might be "chiles toreados". I've never seen these on a menu, but I've ordered them at roughly ten restaurants in Tennessee with no problem. I ordered it at a place in Columbus Ohio and they had no idea what I was talking about. Chiles Toreados is either sliced or whole jalapenos that are either fried in oil or roasted. Typically they are fried, hit with an entire squeezed lime and then seasoned (the seasoning varies from place to place).

Of the 10 restaurants that served it, only 2 actually sliced them prior to frying. They are much better sliced. There is no "sauce" but you wouldn't know it because the lime juice actually turns into something like a sauce. We've made them at home also. FYI, the ones that were not sliced were much hotter than sliced. Chiles toreados is one of tastiest and most simple mexican dishes I've ever had. I think of them as an appetizer but have also used them as an accompaniment to other dishes.
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Jalepeños in vinegar is also called escabeché, and I'm repeating Ideefixe and and trip and a half - here's a recipe
Escabeché is also a ceviche prep for fish cooked with the acidity of the vinegar.
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what you describe also reminds me of a little appetizer at a mexican/japanese hibachi restaurant in mexico city. they slice jalapenos thin, slap them on the grill, hit them with a little lime juice (like a quarter lime, not much) and then some soy sauce and rice wine. they put a little bowl over them to steam and then throw them on your plate. unbelievable...
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It might also have been a sauce made with chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, or a salsa negra.
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