Blood Tests Results - Need Help Deciphering Please
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What do elevated protein/globulin levels in blood indicate?

I know you're not our vet, but the vet can't be reached till tomorrow and we could use some guidance and maybe some leads right now.

Our lovely cat had blood work done. There was an indication that her protein and globulin levels were high. On the results the vet wrote *Hyperproteinemia and hyperglobulinemia.

What could be the cause of this?
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Off the top of my head I'd be worried about dehydration.
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There is insufficient information here to say anything that is really meaningful. Was this a routine checkup or did you take the cat in due to other symptoms? Do you have numbers and normal ranges to compare them to?

An increase in globulin is often linked to an immune response (gamma globulins, for example, are antibodies) but whether that's the case here or to what (which obviously makes a huge difference) is impossible to say.
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In November she was diagnosed with CRF Stage 1. Urine wasn't taken but the numbers then and the numbers now don't seem to match. In fact, based on the blood test taken today, it doesn't even seem like she has CRF.

She seems to be lethargic, still drinking and eating ok -

Here are the results of the blood panel in its entirety if this helps -

GLU 53 L mg/dL 70 120
CHOL 126 mg/dL 70 130
UREA 53 mg/dL 30.6 60.1
ALB 3.9 g/dL 2.5 3.9
ALP 14 u/L 0 100
ALT 49 u/L 15 60
AST 15 u/L 0 60
AMYL 661 u/L 500 1200
Ca 11.0 mg/dL 8.0 11.0
CPK 123 u/L 50 200
CREA 1.7 mg/dL 0.4 2.0
Pi 4.6 mg/dL 3.5 7.7
TRIG 36 L mg/dL 50 100
PROT 9.6 H g/dL 5.4 7.8
Globulins 5.7 H g/dL 2.6 5.1
Alb/Glob 0.7 Ratio 0.6 1.1
T.BIL 0.1 mg/dL 0.1 1.0
GGT 1.0 u/L 0.0 6.0
LDH 105 u/L 80 360
Cl 113 mmol/L 107 130
K 3.3 L mmol/L 3.8 5.3
Na 157 mmol/L 145 159
Na:K 48 Ratio

 Biochemistry Comments:
Total solids 9.6 g/dL. Disregard low glucose level.

 Diagnosis
Hyperproteinemia and hyperglobulinemia.
Non-specific hematological findings.

 Comments
Hemoparasites were not found in the smear.
The cause for elevated protein/globulin level should be established.
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i quickly was reading past the "vet" sentence, but increased protein to albumin ratios in - "people" mean we try to rule out stuff like multiple myeloma, blood cancer, hiv, or something that is pushing out proteins in high numbers like KC is stating, but yes, talk to your vet...the creatinine is high for "people" so not sure for your cat -- and that can effect protein clearance results also.
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