Chicago Fuji Battery Charger
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I've got a four-hour layover at Chicago O'Hare tomorrow afternoon, during which I'd like to buy a charger and spare battery for my Fuji X100.

The battery is the NP-95. Any chance of getting this done at the airport? Are there any good camera/electronics shops in the vicinity?
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I hope you get a better answer, but

Calumet Photo, 16 miles away, has the Fuji battery but says to call for availability of the Fuji charger.

Helix Camera, 18 miles away, has only a less expensive Promaster battery and Promaster charger, both apparently in stock. And also the black X100 in stock, watch out!

Photo store tips from a Chicago local.

They are both top pro shops, so maybe they can make an arrangement at the airport. I've dealt with both by phone (not net) and I prefer Calumet, slightly. But when only one has something, you do what you need to do. Call and pay by phone early and I bet either will charge your new battery.
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I've no idea if there are any stores in the airport that would help you. But if you take the Blue Line from the O'Hare stop to the Avondale stop (about 30 min.), there's a Best Buy right across Belmont. You'll come up out of the station facing east, and the Best Buy will be half a block ahead on the north side of the street, i.e., on your left-hand side. Google Maps link (click the bus icon for details, but it's pretty simple -- the end of the line is at O'Hare and you'd just need to know to get off at the Belmont stop).
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And to piggy-back on caclwmr4's link, that place 'Central Camera' from the 'Photo store tips...' link appears to be in the Loop (downtown), which is an hour's train ride from O'Hare. You'd need to get off at the Jackson stop, walk two streets east and hang a left at Wabash. Then, I dunno, grab the nearest suit and make him/her tell you where you should eat lunch before you go back out to the airport.
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It looks like Central Camera doesn't carry it. Either of the other two shops would be able to courier it to the airport, at least.
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I'd recommend not leaving the airport, but to get the courier service. That is a big airport and if your plane is late, you've just gone down from free time to time-to-get-across-airport.
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But if you take the Blue Line from the O'Hare stop to the Avondale stop (about 30 min.), there's a Best Buy right across Belmont.

While Avondale is one of the streets in that area (Avondale was the Street That Died To Make The Kennedy Expressway", the station stop is named "Belmont." It's particularly noticeable because it's the first stop from O'Hare that's underground.
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Why does everyone assume there is zero civilization around ORD? Instead of hiking all the way into the city to find a Best Buy, there is one 5 miles away at Harlem and Irving.

If you really need to visit that store, order online and have it ready for pickup. Take a cab there and ask the cabbie to wait for you.
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Best answer: At most airports now, the gadget shops sell a "universal lithium battery charger". I bought this model from Hama while in Switzerland. It has two tiny pins that you connect to the terminals of your battery. It magically figures out voltage, polarity, and capacity, and charges your battery ASAP. I love it.

A battery for your Fuji might be very hard to find, but a charger like this one might be available right at the airport.
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Best answer: You can call ahead to this shop: InMotion Entertainment. They might have what you seek and they are in the airport proper.
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the station stop is named "Belmont."

eriko is of course right, something bad happened to my brain whilst writing that comment and I will now turn in my Northwest Side Resident's card.
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Response by poster: I found InMotion and they had a universal charger. The salesperson even tested it to make sure it worked with my battery. Thanks for all the answers.
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awesome! thanks for the update!
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