Found an art pad in NYC. How should I try to find the owner?
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Found an art pad on the 14th st A/C/E subway. I posted on Craigslist. What next? Are there other sites I should post on that people check?
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Does it look like it belongs to an art student? Or someone who just likes to draw? If it looks like it belongs to a student, maybe make some flyers to put up at SVA, Parsons, FIT, and any other art/design schools in that general area that I'm forgetting.
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This is exactly what the lost & found is for.
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Did you find it in a subway car or on the platform at 14th St? If it was on the platform, the owner will probably pass through that platform again, so you could try putting up a few flyers there.
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Yes, I'd take it to the lost and found. That's where I always go when I lose anything on the subway.
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Post a notice at the platform.
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Try Reddit, especially if you think it belongs to an art student since their demographic trends young. Redditors love the whole Internet detective thing and they've reunited cameras and other list items with visual clues numerous times.
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What @orangeswan said. When I have lost things on public transportation I neither think to check Craigslist nor do I read posters on the walls.=
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If you do go the "contact schools" route, just wanted to add Pratt to the list.
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What do you mean by art pad? Because I lost a moleskine notebook a day or two ago, and the 14th st A/C/E is on my commute!
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