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NYC piano moving recommendations

I need to move an upright piano about 6 blocks in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn over the next week or so (from the parlor floor of a brownstone to the fourth floor of an elevator building). Can anyone recommend a piano mover in the area that is both A) competent and B) affordable?
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Response by poster: Also, if anyone can recommend a tuner/repairman, I'd appreciate that too.
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Best answer: Call Ben Treuhaft tuner, piano-runner, and all around swell guy.

He will point you to the right mover.
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Best answer: Just wanted to point out a piano resource, the pianoworld forums. A search on NYC and moving yields a few hits. All the best to the move!
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Whatever you do, AVOID BEETHOVEN PIANO. I used them to move an upright from my Cobble Hill loft into a Penske truck a few years ago. I chose them specifically because they were piano movers, and they sent two guys who barely knew what they were doing and who did not pad the piano AT ALL on the side where it faced the truck. As a result, two little metal bits sticking out of the truck repeatedly gouged the back of the piano. It wasn't terminal, but I was really pissed. There were also lots of scratches. Repeated phone calls to try to get a refund got me nowhere. Never again.

Piano World looks like a great resource. Also seconding the idea of asking a good piano tuner. Good luck with your move!
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