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Sports game summaries by email: Does the kind of service I'm looking for exist? I'm looking for a website where I can choose my favorite teams, then get a daily email each morning with a capsule summary of any games my teams have played the prior day.

I don't want to sign up for separate newsletters for each team, and I also don't want full-length writeups — just the scores and a quick summation. I also am not interested in league-wide writeups — I only want info about the teams I follow (the Mets, Jets, Knicks, and Rangers). Any ideas? Thanks!
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Not 100% what you want, but if you use the sportscenter app for the iphone you can select your favorite teams for each sport (and which sports you like) and only see scores for those game upon open. You can also set up push alerts for team news, game starts, game finishes, and summaries.

Looks like you can do text message alerts by team too. I'm not seeing an email alert option, though I'm sure you can do some sort of jury-rigged text message to google voice that forwards to your email deal.
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MLB offers this as a service, but the updates are very barebones, score, winning and loser pitchers, record, next game, and a couple of other bits.

For the Mets, go here. Register using the form. Then scroll down and under "ACCESS MY ACCOUNT T TO RECEIVE BONUS EMAILS" click "My account" and subscribe to the "Postgame Alerts" e-mail. You can also view a sample e-mail and use this opportunity to unsubcribe from all the other newsletters it subscribed you too when you registered (or not...). While you're "updating" you can also subscribe for other MLB teams.
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If there are rss feeds for your teams -- Yahoo does them -- you can use ifttt to send them to your email.
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Response by poster: Jourman, thanks for the tip, because it turns out ESPN does have an email newsletter that's totally customizable. It's called MyESPN Today (full explanation of how it works and how to sign up at the link). You simply pick your teams and it sends you a daily email with a score summary, relevant links (box score, recap, etc.), and links to other stories about each team. Here's a sample of what the main portion of the email looks like. It's basically exactly what I'm looking for!
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