Don't want to be living in a box in Georgetown
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Georgetown Filter: Pal is leaving to start a graduate degree at Georgetown University...looking for a place to live but is unfamiliar with the area...

She has only visited their twice before and is heading out this weekend to find a place to live. She was having trouble identifying options over the Internet and would like a little more information on the best places to live. So, we looking for recommendations or resources. She would be happy sharing or living on her own (studio), needs public transportation to access the university, and can spend (about) $900/month. Any DC natives out there?
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Try Arlington VA, right across the Potomac. The Rosslyn area of Arlington is nice, with lots of apartments.

Public transportation is tough into Georgetown because there is no subway station there. But you could walk or bike across the bridge from Rosslyn without too much trouble.
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There are also blue vans called Georgetown Shuttles that go between a few Metro stops (such as Dupont Circle) and the University.

Living anywhere near the university is probably going to be more than $900/month but there are plenty of Metro accessible options. Arlington or Rosslyn are good suggestions because they are closer to the university than the MD suburbs. However I would still suggest Silver Spring as a place to consider.
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A friend of mine just took a job at GU and says the number of bus & shuttle options are phemonenal, particular from the Rosslyn metro area. I think you'll find that rent challenging to stay within in that area.

You can check Housing Maps to get a bird's eye view of what's available but like IZ says, there's no metro in Georgetown so you'll want to be aware of what shuttle/bus options you'll have to use. Odds are you'll come in from Rosslyn or Dupont Circle so if you're on the orange line, blue line or red line you'll be able to get where you want without a transfer.

Were I in her shoes I'd probably look at rooms for let in the Mount Pleasant area or Waterfront if I wanted to stay in DC, Rosslyn or Pentagon City for places in Arlington. That said, there's plenty of stuff farther down the blue line and farther west on the orange line. Many apartment complexes farther off the line run shuttles to and from the nearest metro stop If she's at all nervous nelly about crime and walking alone MP and Waterfront might not be right for her.

If she doesn't have any local contacts whose brains she can pick you or she can drop me an email; my girlfriend and I don't have any firm plans this weekend and will likely be in the Arlington area most of the time. We'd be glad to chat with her over a cup of coffee for a half hour and give her any pointers we can muster and the "insider dope" on any areas she's pondering.
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There are still efficiencies in Glover Park for that price. Sometimes it gets called "Upper Georgetown," which it isn't. The north end of Georgetown University is maybe a 15 minute walk. Look in the zip code 20007.
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We call it a Metro, not a subway.
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There are some big and nice studios in Foggy Bottom for about that price (maybe a little higher.) Foggy Bottom is right near the shopping part of Georgetown and I'm sure there are plenty of buses/shuttles that go to the University. It's also at a metro stop. I'm thinking of the area right around 23-25th and I or so through K. It's not always obvious how to find available apartments (they aren't always listed) so if she can find management-type people to talk to, that would be the best way. She should probably call ahead. Sometimes a manager will put you on the waitlist.

Additionally, there are a few buildings on Q st between 23rd and 28th or so in Georgetown that have very small efficiencies for around that price. Nice if lily-white and rich neighborhood. There are also some on the mid-30s a bit north near Wisconsin Ave. Look on craigslist,, etc. Call buildings that don't list.
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(more mid- to upper-30s to the west of Wisconsin.)
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DC has a curious housing solution called "Group Houses" where it's a town house shared by roughly 5 people. There is an interview process (think Shallow Grave) and all the bills are split evenly. Craiglist is a good starting point but also look at the DC City Paper for listings. There are a few in Glover Park (sometimes called Upper Georgetown as coelecanth correctly pointed out) and some on the Hill. Rosslyn is great commute but the rents might be too steep for a students budget.

Of course if they will be bringing a car, then the option increase by a factor of ten.
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Ditto on Glover Park (formerly Burleith) or just keep heading up Wisconsin. The "dirty 30's" busses and Georgetown Shuttles can get your friend to/from anywhere on/near Wisconsin.

I lived in Glover Park for a good 5 or more years, great place, convenient, etc. Way better than Roslyn and far, far, FAR easier to get to Gtown.

Tunlaw, it's Walnut backwards.
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Also, if you live in Glover Park, there is the chance of the random Ian MacKaye sighting as his Mom still lives (I think) in the neighborhood.
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