Unique Orthodontic Problem Needs Best Possible Advice
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I need to locate an outstanding orthodontist (in the DC area or otherwise) who can provide a second opinion on my 12 year old son's highly unique problem with his No. 7 canine.

My 12 year old son has an on-going problem with his no. 7 canine tooth which did not descend due to damage from a playground fall when he was 3 or 4. The tooth was exposed and pulled down when he was 10 only to discover that the root had developed at a 90ยบ angle from the crown. The tooth was exposed and forcibly descended a year or so ago and the initial plan was to keep it stable until he could have an implant at 18 years old, but now his orthodontist is telling us that the gum is suffering damage and he recommends additional work TBD.

Before we proceed any further, I think it wise to seek out a second option as this is such an unusual case but I don't want him to see just any orthodontist. My son needs the Mayo Clinic of orthodontia but I have no idea if such a place exists. Can anyone offer any advice as to how and where I can find such a person/place?
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Best answer: The Mayo Clinic has an orthodontics section. They are in Minnesota.
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While it wasn't a difficult or unusual procedure, Scott Berman in Falls Church fixed and later removed a bonded retainer i had for 10 years with a really caring and knowledgable hand.
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A good friend highly recommends Dr. Ahmed El-Ghobashi in Springfield, VA but I haven't seen him myself yet.
6120 Brandon Ave, Suite 214
Springfield, VA 22150
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