What Tumblrs do you follow?
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What Tumblrs do you follow?

I am especially looking for music, photography, sculpture, cinema, literature and other artsy Tumblrs. Tell me all!
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This Isn't Happiness. Art, photography, design, & disappointment.
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Scientific Illustration usually has a wonderful mix of weird, beautiful, old anatomy and natural history illustrations
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Creature Journal (Gorgeous creepy organic illustrations)
Pied-à-terre (MeFi's own, iirc, design goodies)
Look At This Little Thing! (Mefi's own again, obligatory cute tumblr)
Kleidsam (Men's fashionporn)
Fripperies and Fobs (Historical fashion)
JJ Harrison (Fantastic cartoonist)
Textile Nerd (Delicious textile and fiber art)
Fuck Yeah Illustrative Art! (Seemingly infinite supply of new and interesting artists)
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The Worst Things For Sale Drew Toothpaste skewers Amazon listings
Proof Math Is Beautiful Fantastic math-related imagery
Context-Free Patent Art Hilarious line drawings from actual patent applications
Installator Art installers at work
Other-Wordly Curious vocabulary
Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table Puncturing home design pretention
Screenshots of Despair Web design based on "zero" of some value
Bleat Bleat Bleat Goats!
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matchippon vintage Japanese match box scans
phosaka Japanese street/shop/house photos
gairo Japanese street/shop/house photos
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Ugly Renaissance Babies
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prosthetic knowledge (Technology, music and art)
gusset (Art, fashion and music)
Lego Express (allsorts of Lego things)
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hypna is a cool design/art/tech mishmash.

(pretty much all of the other ones I follow are dozens of tumblrs with pictures of cats. if you want funny pictures of cats, international pictures of cats, artistic pictures of cats, pictures of cats having parties, or other manner of pictures of cats, please feel free to inquire within.)
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Grottu Orloff's Pad, a daily flood of pop culture images from horror movie promotions to comics to glamour photos, mostly vintage, often NSFW.
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Can you plug your own? Well anyway it's John Black and I cover a lot what you're interested in.

Also I like
devid sketchbook
Jeff Koons
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Response by poster: hey whaddaya know, jeff koons has a tumblr.
mine is ippucu. i don't put stuff there though.

some good ones in here. paraphrasing brian eno: "in the future, we all we be curators".
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I have a lot more random people that post NSFW stuff, lots of witch-house 17-20 year old girls and 20-something black dudes (the two groups of people do the best Tumblrs). But these are more 'themed' and mostly SFW:

noise-park - South Park-ified Noise & Experimental Musicians
tildastardust - Tilda Swinton & David Bowie look-a-like photos
pizzshack - Screen captures from VHS
corporatetwits - Idiots complaining on Facebook/Twitter feeds of Corporations
dougfunniesjournal - Doug Funnie (of the TV Show Doug) was a lunatic and this dissects episodes
fyeahkingdiamond - Fuck Yeah King Diamond
terrysdiary - Terry Richardson (skeezy photographer, some NSFW)
hipsterjuggalo Hipsters as Juggalos
fromme-toyou - Rich New Yorkers that shoot fashion photos, one of the originators of "Cinemagraphs" which are classy animated GIFs
unomoralez - Disturbed, sublime pixel art from a Russian master of MS Paint
pixelstyle - Examples of excellent pixel art from the 1980's-1990's.
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These are mostly art / crafts / illustration, and mostly SFW:

I also like this food blog, http://hipsterfood.tumblr.com

2nding/nthing Fuck Yeah Illustrative Art!. Similarly, http://fuckyeahbookarts.tumblr.com/
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Old Hollywood has been posting some FANTASTIC old film stills and posters. Beautiful stuff.
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Forgot Contemporary Art Daily
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End Piece, the last artwork of great artists
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http://aclosetofonesown.tumblr.com Feminism,history and fashion...combined.
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My number-one tumblr lately is Mefi's own elizardbits, because she makes me laugh like crazy, but that's not what you asked for.

The artsy:

Things Organized Neatly.

Look at This Little Thing.


That's My Dream House and Book Book Book for beautiful interiors.

Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table for when I get tired of the beautiful interiors.

Fuck Yeah Alphonse Mucha delighted me for a year or so but eventually got too repetitive. I switched my feed reader to Fuck Yeah Illustrative Art to broaden my horizons a bit.

Broader also (and NSFW and beautiful) is Just Be Honest For Now (previously on the blue).
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Collosal has just added a links post which includes several cool arty tumblrs
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Here are my favorites:

Suitdup - dudes in suits!
Pratt - design
Waltdisneywithblood - mostly screen caps from movies
Punk hardcore flyers - flyers and pix from olf hardcore shows
Life magazine's tumblr
CGYB - my tumblr, it's great. Cool pix and some animated gifs and some instagrams of my cats.
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Kate Beaton's tumblr (of Hark! A Vagrant)
Jon Rafman's tumblr of carefully chosen, fascinating Google Street View screenshots.
Spring Noir: Bright, colorful eye-candy
Partizany: mostly old photos and photoshop art from old photos
Silfarione: just all kinds of well-curated art
Alec Schao: again, well-curated art.
my own artsy tumblr
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OK, so I'm way late, but it looks like no one's mentioned mudwerks yet.
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