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How do I set up wireless network printing without using my existing wireless router?

I have my printer and wireless router in one room and my computer in another room. The printer is connected to the router (DI-655). I would like to move the printer to another location, like inside the closet, say, but leave the router where it is since there are other devices connected to it. How can I do this and continue to print wirelessly?

I've read about setting up two routers on one network and about getting a switch or a print server, but unfortunately, I'm not really proficient with home networking and just not sure what would work with my existing router.

Could someone suggest what device to buy and how I can set this up?

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The device you're looking for is a wireless bridge.
posted by I EAT TAPAS at 9:37 PM on May 5, 2012

What printer do you have? (Do you want to replace it?) Modern not-too-expensive printers (e.g. this one) will print wirelessly, as in not wired to the router wirelessly, how you set that up depends on the printer.
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My apologies - I had assumed your printer used Ethernet to connect to your router, but it may connect via USB. If it connects via USB, you would want a wireless print server. (If it does use Ethernet, a wireless bridge is still the right answer.)

There's no reason you have to set up two routers or switches on the same network for this.
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I EAT TAPAS, sorry I did not mention it, the printer is connected to the router via ethernet. I will look into doing this setup with a wireless bridge. Thanks.

anaelith, although it is old, I would prefer to keep my existing printer. Thanks.
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