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Is there a liquor store/deli that will deliver a six pack to an office building in the Financial District of Manhatten, ASAP?

Today is my friend Stephen's birthday. I forgot this fact. I did remember to text to tell him that MCA, his favourite member of his favourite band, died. I am a bad, bad friend. And now Stephen is sad on his birthday. Knowing him, he'll be stuck at work for hours --- I'd like to make sure the beer he do desperately needs finds a way to his hands. So: does anyone know a deli that will deliver beer? Liquor store maybe? His office is near Beaver and Exchange Place. Hope me mefi!
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I should probably mention -- I looked on yelp and did find a bunch of nearby wine stores, but he's not really a wine guy, and I couldn't tell if any of them carried beer.
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Call a takeout place near a bodega near where he works and ask if they'll pick up a six-pack if you pay by credit card.
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(Er, along with a food order.)
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I agree, nearly any Pizza place or other food delivery place will be happy to swing by a bodega and get a 6-pack.

It used to be oreos for us, but that was a whole other thing.
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Max Delivery will deliver pretty much anything, including beer, to downtown Manhattan within an hour.
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Try these guys:

Jubilee Marketplace

99 John St
(between Gold St & Cliff St)
New York, NY 10038
Neighborhood: Financial District

(212) 233-0808
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We had an emergency beer shortage in the office a while back, these guys came through:


"You wanted it, we listened.
You can order your beer and have it delivered any where in the city, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Get your order within 20 minutes in Manhattan and within 2-3 hours in the outer Boroughs!"
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Thank you everyone. Lagar has been delivered, and crisis averted.
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Who did you get?
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I used market direct just b/c it was first past the post ---- but I was a little worried it wouldn't work, so thank you very much for the back up options, they were very much appreciated. (it did work.) plus now I know that a service called "beer right now" exists, so that definitely a net plus for the universe .
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