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Surpriseish birthday gift filter: Shirley, the hive mind knows more than me for radios, and can pull together a Sirius XM radio recs/kit recs for installation in a 2006 Toyota Prius (currently has factory radio)?

Have: Sirius account in non-Prius car (factory install on newer vehicle).
Have: Access to Best Buy for radio installation.
Have: 2006 Toyota Prius, package 1 (rear back up camera, no navigation or bluetooth integration)

Want: Radio/kit recs (I don't have a budget really but if we can keep it under $350 it'd be nice) so the birthday star can have Sirius installed into the dash of the car.

Nice to have: A unit or kit upgrade that puts bluetooth into the car for phone integration as well, but not necessary.

suggestions? Recipient has access to MetaPhilter so trying to be surprising ...
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If you already have a Sirius account, why not spend the additional (IIRC) 3.00 a month for an internet streaming account? Then, all you would need is an Android or iPhone, and download the Sirius app.

You could spice it up by buying a plastic mount for the phone for the car, if you wanted to be fancy.

This has a small added bonus that if your recipient gets a call while listening to the radio, the music is interrupted.
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Crutchfield is your friend; even if you don't buy through them.

A section for car-only 2006 Toyota Prius Sirius devices
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Looking at that website, there appear to be media-bridges that add sattelite, ipod, cellphone, etc. functionality to the stock receiver.
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why not spend the additional (IIRC) 3.00 a month for an internet streaming account

Might be a data charge concern. Paying to listen to it and for each KB.
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