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Who is currently the best ISP in New Orleans in terms of price/bandwidth?

Ms. Scientist and I just signed a lease on a fabulous new apartment and I am thinking that this might be a good time to try and get away from Cocks Cable, our current ISP, and switch to somebody better. I'm looking for recommendations. Currently I pay something like $52/month for max 2mbps down. It's cable, so of course I don't always get all of that, but it's generally enough bandwith for my purposes unless I'm trying to stream 1080p video in realtime, which is not a big thing for me.

What I'd really like is to have the same or more amount of bandwith as I have now, but pay less for it. Is there an ISP in New Orleans that will do this for me? Are there any tips and tricks out there for getting a really good deal? I have a really hard time navigating the maze of different provider websites, which I think is partially intentional on the part of the ISPs and partially just that I'm not good at this sort of thing. So help me out, hivemind. What's the best deal going on internet here in NOLA?
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I think AT&T's the only other game in town. Good luck.
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Response by poster: Well, they do seem to have better prices. Perhaps I'll give them a call, tell them I'm looking to defect, see what they can do for me. I like DSL better than cable anyway.
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Yeah, I have Cocks and I am looking for something different. I know AT&T has all these bundles but I don't know if I want that. OK, getting off my butt and calling AT&T.
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You may be able to negotiate a better rate with your current ISP.
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FWIW, I have also gotten discounts from Cox in New Orleans just by asking (usually when moving). Usually like $30 off for 6 months, something like that.

But yeah everyone I know here has Cox and it sucks.
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