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Recommendations for running trails in Portland, OR, please?

I'll have two days in Hillsboro, OR, mid-May. I've been to Portland before and loved the place, but I only got to see the city area. I love love love running and hiking trails. I will have a car and am willing to drive up to an hour.

Ideally I would like to do a 9-15 mi run on each of the two days. I like varied terrain (technical is ok, but preferably not much rock-climbing since I will be solo) and good views.

What trail would you do if you were only in town for 2 days? Shorter trails with amazing views would be great too. I can combine them.

Any other general travel advice would be appreciated too. I have looked at past PDX threads and am looking forward to the beer and food.
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Definitely check out Mt. Tabor Park—accessible and beautiful. If you're looking for something a bit more rugged, there's a great trail around Mt. Hood, which is 40 miles, but doable in smaller chunks.
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Forest Park: 70 miles of maintained trail within the city limits.
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Hi, just dropped in to mention that there is a wood chip running trail at Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton-- not a long trail but nice to run on, and kind of interesting, and it's between Hillsboro and Portland. I'm on my phone and can't link but it's at Murray and Jenkins in Beaverton. People usually park in the neighborhood across Murray, there's a pedestrian pass-through at Furlong.
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Second vote for Forest Park. I hear the Wildwood Trail is pretty great.
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There's a bunch of trails in the Coast Range that would meet your needs. Stop by REI in Hillsboro, talk to the staff and buy some maps. Winter is still here on Mt Hood right now, so trail running on the mountain would be a bad idea right now.
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Tryon Creek State Park is very nice. We also like the trails around the Tillamook Forest Center.

The Marquam Hill trail could be good.

And yeah, the Wildwood trail from Washington Park to Forest Park is really long (27 miles). No good maps available online because they sell them to make money for the park but REI should have a set.
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