Do I list a consulting agency on my resume?
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I currently work at [big media company] right now but through a consulting agency. I am applying for an actual staff job through [big media company]. How do I list my current job on my resume?

I'm applying for a couple of positions right now at [big media company] one of which is in my department, two of which are not. None of them is in the current group/team that I am working for. Do I list myself as [my job], [big media company] on my resume or something along the lines of [my job], [the consulting agency I work for] at [big media company]?

Bonus question: I have no idea what the salary range is for the jobs I am applying for. They are unrelated to my group but the skillset I have developed in the past year makes me fit them well. Beyond a couple of web searches which I am taking with a grain of salt, how do I figure out how much to ask for (I know, I know, cart before horse, need to get interview first, but I am trying to plan this all out).
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Big Media Company
New Media Consultant (or whatever specific kind of consultant you are)
January 2011 to Present
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If your paycheck comes directly from Big Media, list it as [Your Job], [Big Media Company]. If it comes from the consulting agency, list it as [Your Job] at [Big Media], [Consulting Agency].

Do you know any of the people who work in the department you want? If so, you could just ask them for a figure.
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How about:

[Consulting Agency]
[Big Media] [Your Job]

So, with specific made-up examples:

MetaFilter Consulting
Disney New Media Consultant
January 2011 to Present
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I've previously listed this as

May '10 to May '12, 'actual employer' under contract to 'big Media'

it seems to be understood pretty well.
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