How can I get old-fashioned suitcases or something similar?
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Every time we travel as a family we have a pile of suitcases. I think I need some old fashioned hard-sided rectangular suitcases which
  1. are light;
  2. stack nicely;
  3. have a handle;
  4. won't come open in flight or be destroyed by TSA guys.
Are these still made? If not, can anyone suggest an alternative? Bonus points if I can buy them in Australia.
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Samsonite has a whole line of them. The link is to their listing of hard luggage on their Australia site -- you could contact them to find which stores sell them. In the States, I bought one from a department store.
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Houstonian: it's hard to tell from the pictures, but it looks like those have curved sides that won't stack. It's impossible to transport more than a couple of suitcases securely unless they're flat.
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You're right, the Samsonite ones are slightly rounded. Do you mean, more like this cabin trunk (designed to look old, but it's new), or one of the Norazza Ape Cases?
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Yes, like those but (a) light; and (b) not as expensive as I suspect the French ones are. Rectangular suitcases used to be the default. I'm astonished that I can't find a supplier.
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I have heard good things about Rimowa as well, and they are rectangular. Don't think they're cheap, though. I think it's one of those situations where out of "Light, Durable, and Cheap" you can only pick two of the three.
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Are you thinking of something like a thinner steamer trunk? Honestly, I think that the old style chipboard cases would probably get destroyed by a modern baggage handler. They throw those things around on the tarmac.
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Have you tried eBAY? I'd go for the old fashioned cases. They are pretty great. You might be able to get them at thrift stores. This could be a rather fun enterprise, spending weekends looking for suitcases.

If they smell funky, use Lysol first, leave them open to air out. When you pack use a scented dryer sheet. (or use plastic bags for your stuff, with a dryer sheet inside).

Here's some on Overstock. And they have wheels!
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These look pretty flat.
Search terms that will help you are "polycarbonate" and "hard case," ""hard side," "hard shell"
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How about Pelican cases? A bit pricey, but definitely indestructible and stackable. There are a ton of options to sort through, but there's a search feature to find what's closest to the size you need.

And there's a list of Australian dealers.
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If you have money to burn and can forgo the weight requirement, Saddleback Leather has a line of traveling suitcases made from durable leather and look like something straight off of a set depicting the Orient Express from the late 1800s. I purchased a satchel from them a few years ago, and can attest the quality of the workmanship. Again, they are bit on the heavy side and VERY pricey, but definitely very durable.
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