Trolling videos?
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I am trying to find some good videos (perhaps on YouTube) on avoiding cyberbullying/trolling which are suitable for an older kid. YouTube search just pulls up a hodgepodge of videos, news reports, pointless amateur clips, and so on. Ideally what I'd like is a Yogscast (from Minecraft fame) type of presentation where experienced gamers talk about how to recognize trolling behavior, how to keep others from pushing your buttons, and why it's pointless to engage or retaliate. Parenting and supervision is working to a certain extent, but maybe a video is out there that would help drive the point home. The trolling has been happening mainly on Roblox and Playstation Network.
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Though I have noticed a surprising lack of videos on this subject the rationalwiki page is a concise guide to trolls and how not to feed them.

For more info I suggest looking up the term 'dont feed the trolls'.

The best counter is spotting them immediately. Ignoring them. Reporting them (to get a sense of empowerment for yourself against the troll), and moving on/ having fun.

Knowing that though often hurtful, these people are empowered by anonymity, are juvenile and seeking attention/power through aggressive behavior. They can't actually have any basis for their comments since you are anonymous too.
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