Non-traditional financing options?
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Looking for creative ways to finance a project/hobby when funds are low.

Among other expenses, my project requires the purchase and maintenance of working vintage equipment (I already have some, need to buy some more). The gear, and replacement parts when needed, are available - but a bit beyond my budget, and necessary outlay of cash is likely to be somewhat continuous. The project is gaining fans and has the potential to become a business one day...

I don't want to get into debt for this, or be constantly working overtime or not making ends meet in order to fund this project. I plan to look at things like Kickstarter, sponsorship, and networking with local enthusiast groups that might have connections... what other suggestions do you have?
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...It may help if we knew what your project actually is. Financing fly-fishing would be different from financing music, or theater, or...
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Sorry, it's a music project, kind of a hybrid performance/recording studio set up.
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My husband funds his women's basketball habit by blogging/reporting. He started off with a blog devoted to the local WNBA team (Go Atlanta DREAM!) Then he got invited to cover local WNBA games for a national blog. He parlayed that into a press pass for Georgia Tech basketball. Now he gets free parking, a food voucher and admission to all the home games. He also interviews the coach and players, so he gets access on top of it.

Start with a blog, maybe you'll get sponsors.
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Find a group of people who would also use this equipment, and each pay a share in it, plus share the maintenance costs. Better would be a group of people who already OWN this equipment and are happy to let you use it if you chip in regular contributions to the maintenance. If it's vintage, though, that might be harder to find.
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Ob. Disclosure ... I work with them.
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