MLB Gameday Audio damper?
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MLB GamedayAudioFilter: I subscribe to MLB Gameday Audio. It has the streaming audio component, which I care about, and some replay ticker display thingy, which I don't. I have the audio on at an acceptable level, but then the commercials come on AND THEY'RE SUPER-FUCKING LOUD WHOA NELLY. Is there any sort of damper I can install on my Mac to counter this?

I'm using a Safari browser, obviously, and MLB uses Adobe Flash. I don't know if the jack-up in volume comes from MLB or the local KDKA Pirates broadcast I'm streaming (yes, I follow the Pirates). The techincal questions page of the MLB Gameday Audio site tells me nothing, other than tinkering with the streaming is verboten.

Any ideas on how to counter the sudden rise in volume? It really is excessive. I know my neighbours won't appreciate it once my windows are open...
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Best answer: This drives me nuts as well, though it does depend on which broadcast you listen to.'s legendarily awful "customer service" is unlikely to help.

I haven't tried it, but it might well be possible to route the audio from Gameday through Audio Hijack and filter it to cap the volume or compress the dynamic range.
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Best answer: I listen to the WEEI feed from Boston and I don't have this problem at all. This is probably a longshot - but you could try contacting the originating station. It's possible they are unaware that they are over amplifying the ads on the streaming feed. Honestly, it's more likely they are doing it on purpose, but it can't hurt to ask.
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My only helpful comment is that MLB has among the worst quality streaming products, not even taking the high price into account. They can't be bothered to make minimal interface improvements. I really doubt you'll get any satisfaction from them.

You might get an Apple remote, which can adjust the volume even if you're not sitting in front of the PC. Or, similarly, route the audio through your iOS device of choice and a speaker with a mute function.
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I like the dynamic range compression idea, if you can swing it technically, because who cares if the ads are made unintelligible as a result? At worst, you lose the top of the crowd cheers...
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I've seen this issue raised on their customer support forums by other users. the mod bots have responded that they're "working on a fix". I so feel your frustration - I'm still waiting for them to fix the stupid archived-stream-restart-after-5min-pause.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. I have my doubts about a complaint getting any results, so the Audio Hijack is a good lead. I'm usually puttering around the house when I'm listening, so racing back to turn down the sound, or being in range of the Apple remote isn't always an option.

And the commercials really are quite loud. Like about a third. Suddenly I'm blasting, and I don't like it, and I'm sure my neighbours don't, either.
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