I don't want to give Apple any more money for a crummy speaker
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A good iPod dock under $120?

I'm looking for an iPod dock speaker under $120. I don't need it to be portable, it's meant for my bedroom.

Must-have features:
- Great sound quality
- Auz in (for other non-iPod devices)
- Support for older iPods (I have a 5G iPod Video - the very first iPod Video)
- Remote control (if it comes in the form of an iPhone app that's fine too)

Nice-to-have features
- AirPlay
- Internet radio
- iPad support
- Alarm clock features
- iPhone / iPod Touch app

Any advice is much appreciated!
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Be aware, while the physical connector has stayed the same, things about the dock connector have changed over the years. There are adapters to use newer devices in older docks. And I have seen plenty of new docks that don't work with older devices.
posted by fief at 8:03 AM on May 1, 2012

If the dock can't physically mount the ipad because of it's design, you could use a dock extension cable.
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The Apple store Speaker section lists specific device compatibility for each product.
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The iHome is great.
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Seconding the iHome. I have this model.
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P.S. I get internet radio on my Ihome via my Itouch, FYI.
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I really like this Altec. The sound that comes out is far better than any speakers that small have a right to produce. It has an aux port and a good remote, and while you don't need this feature, pulling the AC adaptor from the back turns it into a boombox with several hours of battery life. Obviously, you should not pay the list price on that page.
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I'm waiting for my current docking station to die so I can replace it with this one.
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