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Radio, radio filter. I want to learn about the history of radio programming formats.

Adult contemporary, Classic rock, CHR, etc. etc. etc. I'm not sure if I want some kind of nonfiction yarn, a textbook, links to old periodicals. I just need to know about these things for a writing project. Where to begin?
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It's pretty narrowly focused, but here's a BBC Four documentary on the history of Easy Listening that definitely gets into the development of the Easy Listening and Beautiful Music formats.
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This is a crash-course in radio history, with no sources cited, but plenty of names and dates to send you on further searchers.
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Deregulation and consolidation is a pivot point, particularly the removal of limits on ownership through the 1996 Telecommunications Act. The history of Clear Channel is a guide: owning hundreds of stations created the impetus to define formats more rigidly, with duplicate playlists and syndicated content outside of daytime hours.
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Art Vuolo's web site is a good place to start; the man is a walking encyclopedia of the past 40 years of radio programming.
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