Is it safe to get multiple vaccines in one day?
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Is it safe for my dog to get her core vaccines (rabies, distemper, adenovirus-2 (hepatitis) and parovirus) in one day? Or should we split it and get the rabies vaccine first?
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I would call your vet and ask. They can definitely answer a question like this over the phone, without a visit.
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How big is your dog? Ours is about 13-14 pounds, and she had to split them up-- she was just on the border of being "too wee", according to our vet with cute-as-a-button mannerisms.
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Response by poster: She's only 8 lbs.
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I always split my dogs' vaccines, and where I work we try to never do lepto and rabies on the same day. We usually separate them by 3-4 weeks. Distemper/Hepatitis/Parvo (DHPP) is fine as a combo shot, but I usually do it 2-4 weeks separate from rabies or lepto.

Vaccines have nothing to do with size of the dog, although some breeds are more prone to certain reactions than others. There is generally no more reason to split vaccines for small dogs than there is for large dogs to my knowledge.

Some vaccine researchers like Jean Dodds (that is not her site, it just has her vaccine protocol) have very specific recommendations. I do tend to follow her protocol, although I do vaccinate for lepto, since we have it where I live and it's a bad, bad disease (plus the newer vaccines are safer).
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IANYV and this isn't medical advice.

I'm with biscotti here, I would split the rabies and dhpp. If you're really concerned, ask about doing titers instead of an annual booster.
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Because my small male dog (20lbs) had a very bad reaction to the "all at once" -- we now have no idea which one he was responding to. We have to give him benedryl a half hour before any shot.

I learned afterward that it is commonly small male dogs who respond worst.

Ask your vet if there's any harm in giving benedryl beforehand, just in case (and ask in what amount!)
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