Best multi-user ACT/SAT prep course?
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What is the best ACT/SAT test prep system/program for multiple (20-50) users?

Our school is starting a college prep course over the summer and I'd like to get them working on ACT/SAT testing. I'm looking for a test prep system or program that will accommodate multiple users - data tracking would a huge plus.

Any suggestions?
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You mean a computer program?
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Either paper or computer based, but I'd imagine computer is more fitting for what I'm looking for.
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And you want to buy one to implement yourselves, not pay someone else to teach?
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Since no one else has been forthcoming I will volunteer that A-List Education (a former employer of mine) specializes in training, curriculum planning, and score analysis for the SAT and ACT. They have some online tools but they are mostly dead-tree-based. If you call them up, I'm sure they'd be happy to talk you through your options.

Cheaper alternatives:

Advertising on Craig's List for an SAT teacher
Kaplan course in a box (sorry -- I don't remember the name)
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I have only used it from a student perspective (years ago), but has The Counselor Center and a Coach option.
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I'm not totally sure this is what you're looking for, but perhaps a subscription to the Learning Express Library? That's a direct link (I hope!) to their College Prep materials, which include both tests and books in varying degrees of awesomeness. We have it here on campus and it seems to work fairly well. I'm afraid I have no idea what pricing would be, but I'm guessing pretty reasonable.
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