How do I rip XCP encoded CDs to my computer?
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I just got a compact disc encrypted with XCP technology. How do I rip it to my Mac G5 computer (OSX 10.4.2)? I want to put the music on my iPod as well as run it on my music server here at home. I have Virtual PC if a Windows app is necessary.
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I would not put it into your computer until you make sure that it will only load on the desktop and you quit iTunes. In other words, you want the computer to treat it as a data cd rather than as a music cd.
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You can do it under windows with EAC 0.95pb3, and the TOC retrieval/reconstruction feature.
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Sorry if this is too much of a derail, but does anyone know if you would be able to return the CD in a situation like this? Surely listening to the tracks from the CD on your iPod isn't illegal, so why can Sony stop (try to stop anyway) you from doing it? Are you making some sort of tacit agreement when you buy the CD that you will only listen to it in the ways that Sony sees fit?
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Say, what CD is it? I buy tons of music on eBay and I want to avoid this silly shit.
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Response by poster: The disc is the new B.M.R.C. "Howl."

I can't get the TOC/reconstruction method to work, though EAC (running under Virtual PC) does see the 12 music tracks listed. It just can't extract.

When I put the disc into the computer, it autoloads the XCP application. I can't just look at it like a datadisk with anything other than EAC.
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thewiseacre, hold down SHIFT when inserting to disable autoplay. Are you using the exact version of EAC I suggested? Other versions had the feature changed for legal copy-protection reasons.
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I'm not sure what the XCP encrypted discs look like, but I *think* that Garbage - Bleed Like Me has it; when the disc is read by a computer, there are no *.cda track pointers, just a couple of folders and files.

I used Nero to "extract tracks" (even though it couldn't "see" them) as wavs and it worked like a charm.
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Response by poster: I hold down shift and it will still load the disc; that might be an idiosyncracy with VPC. When it loads into EAC (yes, using the version you specified), all the tracks come up as visible but the icon isn't a musical note. It's more like a little textpage icon.

When I select the TOC option, the only thing that happens is that the tracks disappear from the window in EAC. Then I have no idea what to do next.
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Perhaps something like ISOBuster can bypass?
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Response by poster: ISO buster can rip the tracks off the CD, but it rips them to a file format called TAO...I can't figure a way around that. Is there a way to convert TAO to WAV? I've tried several shareware apps that can't.
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... you can select which format ISO buster rips to (it should be a dropdown option on the context menu); maybe try the function on a different "layer" on the left-hand window (ie., the root, the ISO, or the UDF).

Nero should be able to take care of it, though.
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Response by poster: in ISO buster the "extract to .wav" is greyed out (i.e. it's not selectable.) The only thing to select is raw file extraction, which is what extracts to the TAO format. I get the same extraction whether it's done on the left side window or the right.

how would I do this with Nero? When I try to do a direct clone of the disc, it says the disc is copyrighted.
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Go to CD --> audio --> Rip CD tracks
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