Where can I rent a bicycle in Louisville?
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Where I can rent a good bicycle in Louisville, Kentucky?

I am visiting Louisville, Kentucky for the Derby and would like to rent a bicycle for transportation when I am there (Ideally I'll take a cab from the airport to the bicycle shop.) I will be in the Crescent Hill-Grinstead Drive-Bardstown Road-and-downtown area.

I need nothing fancy, just a sturdy road bike that's not super heavy. Bardstown Road Bicycles is in a good location and rents ... but $35/day for a $300-400 bicycle? It makes me want to rent a car. ... or ship my beater bike by airplane and just abandon it in Louisville. Except I'm on United and that would cost $200 ... :\

Help me, Louisville gurus. Is there a good place to rent a bike in Louisville? Are the days of snagging old bikes at Unique Thrift Store for $20 over? (I sent out emails to Parkside Bikes, Bike Couriers, and On Your Left, but I don't think any of them rent bikes.)

What's a reasonable rate for renting a bicycle? Why is it so expensive? I can get a $20,000 car for $40/day. Why is a $400 bicycle $35/day?
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I can't tell you about bikes, but I can guarantee you that rental cars are going to be amazingly expensive -- if utterly unavailable. I'm in the hospitality industry and our room rates are literally ten times what they would usually be. I assume that kind of demand pricing is going to be everywhere this weekend. If you're set on biking, $35 a day may actually be a steal.
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Huh, I got all kinds of relatively normal rental offers online ... maybe they'll all be jacked up after I enter the payment info ... I know that rooms are ridiculous, but I thought I lot of people drove in, so rental cars weren't so bad ...

Oh well, I suppose there is always TARC. /straightface

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I know Scheller's Fitness & Cycling does rentals (or has in the past), but I've got no idea what prices are like. Here's their website if you want to give them a call: http://schellers.com/articles/contact-us-pg543.htm

They've got two Louisville locations. One is in Middletown, which is a pretty good distance from the airport and from where you're staying. The other is in Okolona, which isn't too far from the airport, but probably about a 10-mile ride to where you're staying. (Sorry if you're familiar with those neighborhoods & knew that already - I couldn't quite tell from your question.)

There's also a store in my part of town called VO2 Multisport that does rentals, but mostly for competitions. I just checked their site and prices start at $150. They're a small, local shop, though, so maybe they've got an older bike they'd be willing to rent for less? Here's their site: http://www.vo2-multisport.com/services/rentals/

Also, I've got quite a few friends in the Highlands and have heard many bike theft stories from them. If the place where you rent doesn't have good locks, you might want to bring one just in case.

Good luck! And Happy Derby!
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