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Recommend me smart films that celebrate abnormal romance.

My girlfriend and I are weird people and want some happy romantic films to put us in the mood. We both enjoy psychological stuff, and both of us have slight tendencies towards BDSM and eroguro; a film where two people fit their abnormalities together would be great, although other kinds of film would also work. This is way too much information, so I'll give some examples of films in the right category.

Amelie would be perfect, but she's seen it many times already. The girl seems to match some aspects of my girlfriend's personality.

L'Histoire d'O will probably work, but it depends on our mood. It's a pretty damn erotic film.

MIND GAME could work. (This is a Japanese existentialist film where an introvert falls into a whale with his lifelong crush, and they make love inside the whale. There's also a lot of flashbacks and time travel.)

Secretary matches the general idea, although I thought it was a kind of simplistic and unintelligent tale.

Let The Right One In is not exactly upbeat, and could leave us cold for most of the time, but we will both enjoy the eroguro.

Kill Bill is not a romance film at all but could possibly work depending on our mood, due to the eroguro factor.

I have never seen The Phantom of the Opera -- does it fit?

"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" is not the sort of thing I have in mind. I don't want to rant in a question space but it seems utterly mundane to me-- I mean, I'd rather watch "Love Actually", which at least has a really philosophical sense to it.
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Response by poster: Woah, I seem to have posed this question in a slightly grumpy-sounding way. Totally not my intention. Please, post whatever you think is a good idea! I'm not going to criticize anyone who offers suggestions!
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Harold and Maude.
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Eagle vs Shark
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Girl with a Pearl Earring

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Love Me If You Dare
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Having just read the Wikipedia article on ero guro, I'll say In the Realm of the Senses. It's based on the notorious Sada Abe, who strangled and then mutilated her lover.
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I came in here to suggest Harold and Maude, and also Benny & Joon.
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Any Hulk movie
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The Girl on the Bridge - La Fille sur le Pont (aging knife-thrower meets the girl of his dreams - don't read the plot summary on IMDB or wikipedia, they give away too much)
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Response by poster: These are fantastic!!
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Punch Drunk Love.
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The Fly? Or more Amelie-ish, the new Audrey Tatou movie where she falls in love with her not-as-attractive coworker? (Those two movies couldn't be more different so maybe I don't understand 'ero-guro' fully).
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Benny and Joon
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Mad Dog and Glory?
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I'm pretty sure you will love the fantastic Alejandro Jodorwski's Sante Sangre. Two circus children, a magician and a deaf/mute dancer, fall in love....oh, also, there's murder, rape, knife-throwing, cults, fire, and the hacking off of limbs.
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Not a happy movie, but The Pillow Book might meet your needs.
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Lars and the Real Girl
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Boxing Helena

A surgeon becomes obsessed with the seductive woman he once had an affair with. Refusing to accept that she has moved on, he amputates her limbs and holds her captive in his mansion.
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Paper Heart

Sex, Lies and Videotape

Punch Drunk Love (Don't be scared off by Adam Sandler)

Three Colors: White

The Unbearable Lightness of Being


Garden State

Closer (Maybe not happy, but interesting)

Breaking the Waves (Not easy to watch or totally happy, but...interesting)
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How about Harold and Maude?
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After getting into a serious car accident, a TV director discovers an underground sub-culture of scarred, omnisexual car-crash victims who use car accidents and the raw sexual energy they produce to try to rejuvenate his sex life with his wife.
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Another vote for Harold and Maude

Crossing Delancey

Desperately Seeking Susan

Out of Sight
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Breaking the Waves is one of my favorite movies ever. Totally seconding that.

Also, what about the Korean movie 'Time' which involves disappearing, getting plastic surgery and then returning as a new person who seeks out her previous love, then becomes jealous of both the boyfriend's sad, nostalgic love for her previous self as well as jealousy from her previous self's perspective as her boyfriend falls in love with her new self. Ah, Korean movies, so...mind boggling.
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How about the films of Pedro Almodóvar? I haven't seen this one, but Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! might be something you'd like.
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Perhaps the movie "Kissed" - it's a Canadian movie about a female necrophiliac that manages to be erotically atmospheric.
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I came in to suggest Harold and Maude, but by the looks of, it seems to be the movie foremost in peoples minds regarding unconventional romance.
Then I remembered True Romance, which has an unconventional romance in a way, and is a very entertaining movie.
It's on this list at IMDB, entitled "Unconventional Romances", some of which are not what you're looking for at all but may be some winners there.
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Two's a Crowd, a short documentary about a New York couple moving in together, 5 years after they were married.
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Crash is perfect for this. Also Tetsuo the Iron Man is not romance per se or upbeat but about a woman who is married to a guy who is becoming ... some sort of robot monster. Some totally gross sex/rape. When I looked up eroguro it's what came to mind. You'd probably really like the Polish brothers' movie Twin Falls Idaho about a pair of Siamese twins. Other good ones include Dead Ringers (more twin weirdness, this one with gynecologists and their bizarre girlfriend swapping) and Videodrome. Those are all more on the creepy side of the spectrum than the romance side but all have a relationship/romance as a central plot point.

For more traditional "romance with quirky people" movies I'd suggest Niagara, Niagara (loner and a woman with Tourettes), Greenberg (Ben Stiller in an indie movie as a loner guy with problems sort of gets a weird thing going with his brother's assistant) and Wristcutters, A love Story which is probably the best of the lot.
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Some great suggestions here that covered most of my thoughts. However, I'll add White Palace: A young, rich exec falls for an older working class woman. Despite the strong chemistry between them, there is much negotiating the age & class differences.
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You might appreciate the movie Good Dick. Slow-moving, but quirky for sure.
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Minnie and Moskowitz
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My Left Foot
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I would nth Harold and Maude, Lars and the Real Girl, and Good Dick.

To all this I would add Sidewalls--it explores the same kind of yearning/pining wonder that Amelie does and tells its weird story via narration and characterization in the same kind of way. It's about soul mates who live across the street from each other but for whom contemporary life makes meeting nearly impossible. There are mannequins, phobias, and beautiful architecture metaphors. Absolutely a film about two people too weird for anyone else but the other.
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Griff the Invisible
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A couple of Almodovar films come to mind, Matador and The Skin I Live In.
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The Woman in the Dunes is very powerful.

Some potentially useful TV Tropes lists: Mayfly-December Romance, Opposites Attract.
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A Zed and Two Noughts.
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Leaving Las Vegas.
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There's some other good ones in the People Who Liked This Also Liked... section.
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Max mon amour. And you might want to check out films by Catherine Breillat.
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Seconding 'The Names of Love'.

Also, you should check out 'Head-On' (Gegen Die Wand). Its a German film from some years back, and it tells a very intense and unconventional love story. That is one of my favorites.
Along those lines, check out anything else by the director, Fatih Akin. He's got a light touch.
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It might be too straightforward, I don't know, but Before Sunrise kinda, in that it doesn't end in a Hollywood way.

Hiroshima Mon Amour?

Leaving Las Vegas (warning: includes an awful, scarring rape scene and does not end happy at all; I haven't seen it in years but it disturbed the hell out of me when I did)

Nthing In the Realm of the Senses (one of my favorites).

And also maybe too out there/stretching it, but Heavenly Creatures?

It's Hollywood cheese, but since you mentioned Kill Bill perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Smith?
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Oh, and I am Love is kind of straightforward in terms of plot, but the movie's so over the top stylish and artsty fartsy it sort of makes it seem unusual. I think it'd be good for setting a mood.
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Fur - a super strange but lovely movie about a (fictional) love affair between Diane Arbus and her neighbour who has hypertrichosis. It's directed by Steven Shainberg, who also directed Secretary.
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The first three of these movies are happy but strange romances between characters that are very different from each other. The last two end badly but will appeal to your interest in eroguro films.

The Princess and the Warrior
A German film about a romance between a veteran soldier and a nurse who works at a psychiatric institute. Love begins to blossom after the veteran gives the nurse an emergency tracheotomy.

I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK
A Korean film about love set IN a psychiatric institute. A woman named Young-goon is committed for believing she's a cyborg and for injuring herself, but she refuses to eat and begins to waste away. A young man who believes he can steal people's traits tries his best to save her.

Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge
A Japanese film about an underachieving young man who falls in love with a mysterious girl who secretly fights a chainsaw wielding monster each night.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned this one. It's a romance/horror movie by Takashi Miike. Enough said. It has an infamous torture scene near the ending.

How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman
A Brazilian film set in 1594 about a shipwrecked French sailor who is captured by a local tribe and married off to one of their women with the promise that someday they will eat him.
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Response by poster: I just realized that I forgot about Love Exposure. Surprised no one has mentioned it yet!
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About A Boy

I don't think Audition celebrates quirky romance, unless your definition of quirky is amputating limbs and feeding vomit to exes.
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I'm not sure how About A Boy fits in here - the book has a weird romance with the young boy and a female friend, but the film leaves a lot of this out.

A film I've really liked since my teens is Lovers of the Arctic Circle - step-siblings brought together through a series of co-incidences and palindromes. If you liked Amelie, you should likle this.

Ghost World has a teenage girl having a strange near-platonic relationship with an older man. Also, a bit left-field, but perhaps the X-Men films? Rogue, for example, can't get physically close to people in case she drains their life force.
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Natural Born Killers. Also, I don't know if this quite fits--it's a spin-off TV series, but it watches as a movie--This Is England 86/88. The movie is also excellent, but focuses less on Woody and Lol's relationship than the series does.
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Bitter Moon
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A Snake of June - Maybe too much of a downer, though

A series clled "Kimi Wa Pet" - much more light-hearted but might be "unintelligent" by your exacting standards
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Last Tango in Paris? It's certainly not a romantic comedy, but it does feature some intriguing sex scenes (including a scene famous for its use of household butter...).
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