Where can I find this Kawa-kawa bag?
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Where can I buy this Kawa-kawa bag?

I've been dreaming about a bag like this all my life. I've designed it in my sleep! Then today I was bouncing around stores on the Lower East Side NYC and I saw it on this young woman. I asked her about it, and she said she bought it in Tokyo and the brand is Kawa-kawa. But when I google it I can't find the brand except in one photo of a girl in Tokyo - and it's not the same style, anyway.

Where can I find this Kawa-kawa bag of my dreams?
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this looks like it to me?
It's on this page (scroll down five pictures - I can't read Japanese but it looks like there's a "buy" button)
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sorry, I meant scroll down eight pictures! five from the interstital
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Response by poster: oh my god.

(1) you are a genius, flex

(2) 36750 Japanese yen = 457.1479 US dollars

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Response by poster: Next question: is there a Japanese ebay where I can look for one of these used? or something like that?
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If it helps, that same bag is also located here: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/mij/item/107086/
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Re my previous comment: there are lots of tiny, deluxe Japanese brands that only do small runs of things. While you might get lucky, it's highly unlikely that you will find this purse on sale secondhand. I would just pony up the dough if this truly is your dream bag. It might go away forever soon.
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I realize that is a high-end leather bag. A short while back, Icing, the mall store, had a bag that was very similar to that one, of course it was not leather, but it was about $30.
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Response by poster: fifilaru, I looked up Icing and found a small change-purse bag. Maybe there was a larger one in the past, but not now. The bag of my dreams is about 12" x 12". Thank you anyway!

200burritos, I don't think this is so much of a small run, because the person I saw with the bag bought hers five years ago, and they're still selling them on the website(s).

But maybe that still means a small run, sold gradually? I'm now starting a project of selling all my old bags (mostly inherited from my mother) on ebay to raise the funds for this bag.

I would still like to find some japanese fashion forums where I could perhaps find a used "bag of my dreams". any assistance much appreciated. Thank you!
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