Best mushroom stock uses ever
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Give me your best mushroom based recipes! Please?

I am in the midst of making some killer mushroom stock from stems that I have been hoarding in my freezer for months. In order to really appreciate I need a recipe(s) that will allow it to shine!

Must be vegetarian
i have not been too keen on ragout
I do not want it to be over powered by say, coconut milk.
I am partial to soup and some sort of Asian inspiration on this gloomy Saturday.

and go!

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I have a mushroom pasta casserole that I like. It uses porcini to make a stock and then includes cremini mushrooms in the dish.

I just found it. Page 217 of Gourmet Today. I use more cheese, because I like cheese.
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This vegan mushroom gravy has become THE go to gravy in our house.

We make biscuits using Mark Bittman's recipe (we just make the yogurt ones, no herbs, and usually cut and freeze half the batch or we will eat all of them in a day they are so good) and have vegetarian biscuits and gravy.
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Risotto with some peas and sauteed mushrooms.
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Here's your Asian:
Chinese Hot-and-Sour Soup
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The Philadelphia Inquirer Food section featured mushroom recipes just this week.
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(Their mushroom pho recipe seems like it would suit.)
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I made this last night and it was really good. I cooked it slightly too long (because a dinner guest was half an hour late, grrr) and it got a bit gluey, but I think it would have been phenomenal otherwise. I used homemade mushroom stock instead of the chicken stock in the ingredients list, because I was cooking for vegetarians.
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