Do They Have Queen Victoria as a Pekingese?
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Where can I purchase faux Victorian Aristocratic-Military Dog portraits such as those that were featured in last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory?

In last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory (The Stag Convergence) in the scene where they have Howard's bachelor party in that men's club(?) on one of the walls of the club you can occasionally see two portraits hanging on the wall of what look to be Aristocratic-Victorian soldiers, except that instead of human faces they are dogs (and I'm sorry but I couldn't find a clip of the show to link here that shows them!).

Does anyone know where portraits such as these can be purchased? I absolutely loved them and my google-fu is failing me. Thanks!
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Here is one place I found while googling "dogs paintings uniforms" but I feel like another website that makes these was posted to the blue once. So basically I am saying that I think there are multiple organizations from which you can purchase pictures of dogs in uniforms. So good job everybody!
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I think this is the post I was thinking of.
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In case you didn't see them: there were askmes about custom made animal paintings a while ago (1, 2) you might find them helpful. Other than that, did you check etsy? I found prints like this military goat, tuxedo cat and renaissance dog.
You could also check your local craigslist if there are any painters who would paint a dog in uniform for you.
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Animal House Art on Etsy has similar.
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these are shirts, but perhaps used to be prints as well?
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