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Help me pick a gift for a friend! She collects old locks, old keys, old cameras, and just moved to a new city.

Budget is loose, but on the order of $100. She's a nerdy, creative city girl who was raised on a farm. She recently moved to a new city, so I'm thinking a good gift might be a new decoration for her place, perhaps related to what she collects.
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$100 would be a good budget for a fetching, unique small shelf sized for collectibles. Or a set of these in wee sizes?
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That's adorable! She's moving to a small apartment in SF so more shelf space is a great idea.

I should also mention: she's said before that she wants to learn how to pick locks. So I'm also considering a lockpick set or such.
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Google stores in her area that carry old things that she collects and get her a gift card for that store and a cafe nearby. You will be getting her a treat, a new experience, and helping her learn her new neighborhood.
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Stationary. Get her a good quality personalized note set. You can get missives out of it, and she can represent her new zip code. You might even be able to squeeze a pen in there if you shop carefully.
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