Where can I find someone to text me?
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I need someone to text me every 4-6 hours to keep myself accountable for one very specific, discrete thing. I don't want to ask any of my friends/family to do it. Reminders on my phone are too easy to brush off and ignore. Is there some sort of web service I can sign up for that will hook me up with someone who also needs to be kept accountable, or someone who wants to help?
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Astrid I believe can do this; I know for a fact it will keep buzzing to remind you again and again if you don't mark a task complete. Apps for both iphone and android, plus a website interface.
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How long-term is this?
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astrid is a good solution if you have a smartphone. if you don't, you can set discrete reminders with IFTTT where it can text you at certain times.
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It sounds like an automated solution is precisely what OP isn't looking for – he wants a real human being.
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It seems to me the risk of this turning out badly are low enough that Craigslist is a good place to look for this sort of help.
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You may want to examine why it's so hard to do it yourself. You may really not want to do it, in which case a human reminder will not last long either.
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What about Mechanical Turk? It seems like the small-ish, low-paying type of work that a human being could do for you that they specialize in.
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Taskrabbit? Kind of a web service, more focused on "brick and mortar" tasks like hauling, delivering, etc., but I bet you could find someone who'd be happy to do this.

Even if they're not in your town, for what you're looking for, they don't need to be.
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What about looking for an online support group for whatever you are trying to do or not do (e.g. if it's about quitting smoking, find a group for that; if it's about writing, find a group for that, etc). Then message their members on a forum or whatever to find someone else who wants accountability too.
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Lollusc is heading in the right direction, although in searching I can't really find any groups for what I want to do. It's something simple that most people manage to do without any help, and I feel some small about of shame as regards this.

Thanks for all the answers.
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I had a good experience with Google Calendar's text message alerts.
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Don't feel bad, Night_owl, we all have stuff like that. At least I know I do...
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I would go to a forum where people with your same issue or category of issue are, and see if someone would like to go in on this with you.
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