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Last night, I exported a work-in-progress iMovie last night to show a friend. When I tried to edit it again, it said it couldn't find the source material, so I restarted iMovie. Now the project won't open. Where did it go?

I watched the project in iMovie this morning, and when I started editing, I got the "this project has been finalized, do you want to modify it" box and clicked okay. (Now I'm worrying that I just assumed that's what it said, but I can't be sure.) I made some changes, but the viewer went black and said it couldn't find the source material. When I reopened iMovie, the project was gone. It won't import or open the .rcproject file, which, per google, I put in the iMovie Projects folder. The source clips and music are still where they belong. What on earth happened and how do I fix it? Mac OS X, iMovie 11. I am not especially computer literate, but I can follow instructions. I am so grateful for any help--thanks.
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is the file actually there?
posted by empath at 11:12 AM on April 26, 2012

The .rcproject file? I can open it in Finder and see folders and thumbnails etc in it, so yes?
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When you say it won't import, does it give you an error message?
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No, it just doesn't open. iMovie will start up if it isn't already open, but the project doesn't appear in the list. If I try to import it through iMovie, the file name is gray.
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Go to console and look for imovie error messages, there should be something...
posted by empath at 11:43 AM on April 26, 2012

Yep, a bunch of these: 4/26/12 11:38:32 AM iMovie[628] Skipping loading of project "RT Video" due to error: Unable to load project
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Is it on an external drive? Googling around turns up that error related to that. If it's not, trying loading up disk utility and running a scan to see if it finds permissions problems or anything like that.
posted by empath at 12:19 PM on April 26, 2012

No external drive, and repairing permissions problems didn't seem to work. This might be hopeless. Thanks so much for your help, empath.
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Tips from support.apple.com: iMovie: "Your project is unreadable" Message. Looks like that's an archived support item though.
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