Where can I get a bottle of Moroccan Oil in NYC?
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Where can I find Morrocan Oil in lower Manhattan or North Brooklyn?

I'm looking for this specific product (not the cream or hair mask, just the straight up oil) in a brick-and-mortar store convenient to the Union Square-ish area.

None of the Sephoras carry it, I haven't seen it in any of the numerous Duane Reades/CVSs/Rite Aids I have checked, and the drugstore on the north side of 14th btw 5th and 6th where I used to get it doesn't carry it anymore. I know I can get it on Amazon, but I would like to pick some up today or tomorrow if I can.

Also, I know there are alternative similar products but I am not interested in those.
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Try Ricky's. They have a location by Union Square and another around 12th on 3rd Ave I think. I've definitely seen Morrocan Oil in there. It was a while ago, but if this page is to be believed, they only carry it in store, so maybe they still carry them. The thing with Ricky's locations are though, they tend to vary by location, so you could call ahead to a story and see if they have it or not.

If not, I'd try to check out some hair salons, since those seem to be the other places that carry Morrocan Oil frequently. I know the salon I visit, Whistle (on 10th between A and 1st ave.) carried it...so while not super convenient to Union Square, it's still within walking distance for any L trains between Union Square and North Brooklyn if that's your commute. And there definitely are other salons in that area.
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Here's their contact info - have you tried calling and asking?
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I saw it at Ricky's near Union Square a couple of weeks ago!
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Okay! Off to Ricky's. Thanks ya'll.
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I've definitely seen it at the Ricky's in Greenwich Village (if I remember correctly it was behind the counter). I've also seen it in independent old-school drug stores that you see around NYC that carry upscale skin care, cosmetics and hair products. You can definitely find it in some hair salons as well (at least this is true in DC and I imagine the same is true in NYC).
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I've seen it in virtually every hair salon I've been to for the past year, low-end to high-end.
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