It looks like two X's knit onto a pink polo?
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In Season Six of Scrubs, both Turk and Elliot wear a pink polo with two blue X's on the front. My wife needs to know why. Can anyone shed any light on this? Link to screencaps inside.

Shirt on Turk

Shirt on Elliot

I know it's pretty silly, but it seems too odd to be a coincidence... she's home in bed sick and is driving me crazy about it. You have no idea how hard it is to google "XX shirt."
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If you look closely, the Xs look like they're either tacked over something or digitally altered. Maybe they were trying to avoid an unpaid product placement for whatever brand the shirts actually are? A stretch, but possible...
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If you know what episode it is, you might find it here
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Pink is associated with women and XX is the female chromosome, but I'm not sure where that gets you.
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Turk wears the pink polo at the end of episode 5 of season six, "My Friend With Money." Elliot wears the same design polo at the beginning of episode 6 of season six, "My Musical."
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Best answer: A search that includes "xx logo" came up with a line called Project E Clothing. From what I can find, it's similar, but the Xs are closer together, like on
these shirts.

They look different enough to me to be a coincidence... They're just two Xs after all. But more searches for that brand might yield something closer to those screengrabs.
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According to IMDB, the actor who plays Dr Cox (John C McGinley) has a son with Down Syndrome and his character wears a bracelet that's associated with the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk program... possibly there is some connection there?
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Best answer: I think that TheSecretDecoderRing has it - Project E.

This link has some detail about the Project E look being a distressed vintage one, which certainly fits with that screencap of Turk.

And judging by the photo of Lindsay Lohan here, the X's are not always as close together as in TheSecretDecoderRing's link.
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Response by poster: My wife will be thrilled. Every time I searched for "xx logo" I got nothing close to that. Thanks, all!
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